Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we celebrate all mothers — our own, and those everywhere around.

There are many ways to be a loving mother. For a while now, the Amitins — Betsy Meisel, her husband Aaron, and their sons Luke and Beau — have been watching a robin’s nest inside a tree in the front yard of their Colony Road home.

Yesterday morning, they found new life inside.

Happy Mother’s Day, to one of Westport’s newest moms.

Here she is, doing what every new mother does: keeping her babies warm and safe.

(Photos/Betsy Meisel Amitin)

6 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Louis Weinberg

    Love this!!! Thanks for sharing Amitins.

  2. Robin Marcino

    Thanks for sharing these photos Dan. This Robin highly approves!

  3. Kathryn Sirico


  4. What a happy gift!! Beautiful & inspiring pix- thank you!!

  5. Tammy Barry

    Mother’s and Nature are beautiful— thanks for sharing!