Friday Flashback #242

For the 2nd summer in a row, nearly every Westport restaurant will offer outdoor dining.

Viva Zapata has done it for decades.

Viva’s (as it’s universally known) has not changed much over the years. Here’s a view from the 1970s.

The menu is not much different either.

As for the prices … well, consider what your Westport home cost back in 1969, when this menu was popular, and Viva’s was in its first location. That was Post Road East (State Street), at the entrance to what is now Playhouse Square.

(Photos courtesy of Sam O’Mahony)

2 responses to “Friday Flashback #242

  1. OMG! Loved the Flan, Loved the Food! Good times!

  2. Tom feeley sr

    Great fun time food & Margaritas‼️