Pic Of The Day #1473

Assumption Church, from Grace Salmon Park (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

11 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1473

  1. Collette Winn


  2. Bevi Bullwinkel


  3. Incredible pic!!

  4. Dorothy Robertshaw

    Amazing as always one of my favorite views from across the river. The Mary statue there has weathered every storm since I’ve moved here in 1996. She stands right on the river bank.

  5. Kathryn Coster

    Wow, wow, wow !!

  6. Stacy Prince


  7. Patricia McMahon

    Thank you all for the lovely comments.
    It’s one of my favorite views and places to stroll.
    If anyone would like to purchase an image please feel free to email
    If it’s okay with Dan i would like to donate every sale to #06880 and all that Dan does for our community .

    • Wow – what a great offer. Thank you Patricia – you are a generous Westporter AND a very talented photographer. Much appreciated!

  8. Kathleen Dehler

    This photo is so unique that I first thought it was a water color. It is so beautiful .

  9. Fran Thomas

    Trying to get picture. Web address doe not work