Roundup: Memorial Day Grand Marshal, Beach Stickers, Church Lane …


Plans are underway for a traditional Memorial Day parade. And there’s no better tradition than the grand marshal.

This year’s honor goes to Nicholas Rossi. The 98-year-old World War II veteran has captured the hearts of Westporters since moving here several years ago, to live with his son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren.

The Oyster Bay, Long Island native was a 4-sport (football, basketball, baseball, track) high school athlete.

After graduation in 1940, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps. His flight crew was part of the 305th Bombardment Group of the 364th Squadron, assigned to the 8th Air Force Bomber Command in England. A technical sergeant, Rossi flew multiple bombing missions as a B-17 gunner over occupied central Europe.

He was discharged in March 1945, but remained in Liege, Belgium after the war. As a civilian, he was employed by the government to work with the American Graves Registration Command, locating and identifying unrecovered dead military personnel.

Rossi married in 1956 and raised 5 children (Paul, Christine, Caren, Carla and Peter) in the house he built in Mill Neck, New York. Since moving to Westport, he has gotten involved in the town. When his grandchildren were at Staples High School, he attended their many plays, concerts and athletic events.

Congratulations, Mr. Rossi, on this great honor. See you at the parade!

Nicholas Rossi


This is the week for everyone to enjoy Compo and Old Mill Beaches.

Next Saturday (May 1), parking stickers (“emblems”) are required to enter. For Burying Hill Beach, the date is May 29.

Click here to log in; choose “Memberships,” then type “Vehicle” in the search box. Parking emblems may take a week to 10 days to arrive by mail.

Forgot your login and/or password? Email or call 203-341-5152.

This driver has plenty of beach stickers.


Church Lane is once again closed for outdoor dining. And the Westport Downtown Association is doing its part to make the area even more alluring.

They’re producing 40 nights of dinner music, starting April 30. Every Friday and Saturday, from 6 to 9 p.m., area musicians will play. They’re paying gigs. Funds come from sponsorships, and a GoFundMe page.

The WDA will also add lights, outlining details on the Patagonia building and beyond.


Jeff Seaver waited in line this morning, for the hazardous waste drop-off at the Greens Farms railroad station.

He was not alone. There were 70 cars in line.

But the line moved quickly, Jeff says. “Volunteers worked their tails off. Westport at its best.”

They collected a lot of waste. Which means there’s a lot that is no longer hazardous, at home.

(Photo/Jeff Seaver)


Folks are buzzing about Wakeman Town Farm’s next event (May 8, 12 noon, Zoom). It’s “The Wonderful World of Honeybees” — a look at why they’re essential, and the microcosm that is the hive.

Shelby Schulman studied environmental science and anthropology at the University of North Carolina. Her introduction to bees came as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea.

As WTF notes, “bees are behind a third of all the food we eat, including fruits, vegetables, chocolate, nuts and coffee.” Click here for tickets ($10).


Westporter Ken Goldberg owns AFC Urgent Care, a walk-in medical center near the Department of Motor Vehicles in Norwalk.

They do COVID testing (PCR and rapid); they take most all insurances, and they have a doctor who does a brief telemed screening beforehand. Patients then come to be swabbed in their car.

AFC Urgent Care also provides Moderna vaccines. Appointments can be made easily and directly, by phone (203-845-9100). Click here for more information.


“06880” has followed the saga of 19 Soundview Drive — the century-old home that evaded the wrecking ball this spring (though there are rumors it may still be demolished in the fall).

Yesterday, Patricia McMahon spotted this sign on the house. Whatever happens to the property, someone has a great sense of humor.

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)


There’s always something to smile about at Compo Beach. Here’s Erica Davis’ message for the day:

(Photo/Amy Saperstein)


And finally … Les McKeown, lead singer for the Bay City Rollers, died on Tuesday. He was 65. (Hat tip: Amy Schneider)


9 responses to “Roundup: Memorial Day Grand Marshal, Beach Stickers, Church Lane …

  1. I decided to arrive at 8:30 for hazardous waste disposal. They were already in action. Start to finish: 15 minutes. Incredible efficiency and courtesy

  2. I’d be concerned with all those beach stickers blocking field of view, pretty unsafe and stupid.

  3. john b gould

    Congratulations Mr. Rossi, and thank you again. See you at the parade.
    Got any gum chum?

  4. Ciara Webster

    Very very concerned about the ridiculous focus being paid to church lane AGAIN this year.
    No idea why the down town merchants association is so amped about giving the entire focus of down town to church lane.
    Main Street is far more important with empty buildings and there is zero focus being directed there..
    a go fund me ? Are you kidding ?
    Let spotted horse and manna toast pay for the music.
    I think church lane has been given enough concessions.
    It’s time to focus on Main Street and open church lane back to traffic.
    Church lane should NOT be the focus.

    • Ciara, for full transparency you should mention that you own the restaurant that is replacing Tavern on Main.

    • James Waldron

      Remember, Main Street has yummy Gelato shops and an outdated bookstore chain. Hallelujah, Main Street Westport is back!

      Ciara, I look forward to visiting your restaurant.

  5. Dan, I would have been happy to but it’s completely irrelevant that I own tavern.
    What is relevant is that the DMA continues to put all its focus on one tiny part of the town while doing nothing for Main Street. There are lots of new restaurants in town who I’m sure would benefit from all the efforts being put into one small street for the second year running. I’m sure most of them are also members of and pay membership to the DMA.

    And thank you James we look forward to opening and trying to rejuvenate Main Street. Can’t wait for what I’ve heard are 2 fantastic gelato shops. Very excited about that.

    And I’ve tried all the new restaurants and all are fantastic.
    Let’s just hope that with all the resources being thrown at only church lane they can all have a fighting chance of survival.
    Anti competition is never a good idea.

  6. Let me see if I have this straight : we have 50 plus nights of amplified music with the Levitt; we have the over-the-top loud Imperial Parking Lot concerts brought to us, for some reason, by the Westport Library and now we have 40 nights of amplified outdoor music on Church Lane. The Selectmen seem to have overlooked the fact that families live in the downtown area. When you add it all up, there is an undeniable impact. And it’s not entirely in the plus column.

  7. It’s not that any of us are against music, music is great but yes some moderation would be nice especially considering church lane backs onto Bedford square and it’s many apartments, oh not to mention sharing it around so as to not make church lane the “only place to go” but to do a “go fund me” ( reserved habitually for tragedy’s and not just thrown up there for “music” yet I’m certain the hope is.. to show us when and if they get donations ( not hard to do in a town of our size, and when you have friends who will willingly donate so it looks legit) how wrong we all are and how all westporters support this idea…
    well we do not !
    We don’t like the road closed. We don’t think it’s an appropriate or even close to it use of a go fund me.. especially when considering the enormous PPP hundreds of thousands to millions many many of these same businesses received via our tax dollars… the least they can do is pay for this music themselves out of their record banner year profits..
    And the list goes on..
    it was one thing when the restrictions were in play and everybody was sympathetic to loss of business because of covid.
    Now really ! It’s enough