What’s New In The Romance Department? And Susan Wexler’s Life?

In February, I posted a story about Susan Wexler. The Westporter had just launched “What’s New in the Romance Department?,” a multimedia celebration of true stories of love and romance. She (and contributors) share real stories from all stages of life, in multiple genres including animated videos.

There’s a reason the “06880” tagline is “where Westport meets the world” — and Susan’s story proves it. She writes:

“Jack Canfield, author of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series, likes to mentor and support projects that appeal to him.

“He is currently writing a book about living life with love, instead of fear. Thanks to the ‘06880’ post, his people found me on Google.

Susan Wexler

Once a year Jack invites 17 people to his home in Santa Barbara, California for a retreat. He offers advice on taking their work to the next level. This year, I was invited!

“Because of COVID, it had to be virtual. But it was still great — so helpful!

“Also, Jack interviewed me for a TV show he hosts in California.

“And … in 6 weeks he is sending a tweet to his 1,100,000 followers about my blog.

“He also highly recommends that I turn the blog into a book — and he offered to give me a testimonial.

“Thanks to Jack’s support, I am on a trajectory that I never dreamed of before!”

Good things happen to great people. Meanwhile — despite all these head-spinning events — Susan keeps looking for great stories.

If you have an incident, anecdote or OMG moment of your romantic life to share, email susan@whatsnewinromance.com. If you need assistance with writing, please ask her. She’s happy to help,

Just the way Jack Canfield helped her.


4 responses to “What’s New In The Romance Department? And Susan Wexler’s Life?

  1. Scott Kuhner

    Her blog is fun and interesting I recommend going to it and reading the stories

  2. Betsy P. Kahn

    HURRAYYYY 06880 and I’m especially happy for my friend Susan Wexler who is bringing to life a Super Exciting DREAM!!! I am so happy for you❤️❤️❤️🤸🏽✨✨✨💓🤸🏽🌈✨✨✨🔆

  3. Betsy P. Kahn

    That’s supposed to be HOORAYYYY… !!!!! Lots of Love, b+d

  4. Elaine Wyden

    This is no ordinary blog. Susan Wexler has brought such creativity to it — mixing words, images, and music to enliven the wonderful tales of love.
    Check it out!