What’s New In The Romance Department?

Susan Wexler’s mother, Anna Turner, lived to 103. In her later years she eagerly asked extended family members: “What’s new in the romance department?”

Hearing the latest news, the spark of love was rekindled. Her face glowed. Her spirits lifted.

Susan realizes that everyone can benefit from the power of “the romance department” to raise spirits. That’s especially important in these difficult times.

She created “What’s New in the Romance Department?,” a multimedia celebration of true stories of love and romance. It’s a platform for sharing real stories from all stages of life, in multiple genres including animated videos (illustrated and produced by Poppy Livingstone, a talented Staples High School senior).

Stories are written by people willing and generous enough to share them.

Susan will also post “intriguing romantic tales in the news” on the site.

The blog launches with a Senior Center virtual event on February 10 (7 p.m.). Members of the Center’s Writers Workshop will share real-life stories of love and romantic relationships.

Everyone — of every age, with every romantic story past and present — is welcome to join. The evening (just before Valentine’s Day!) “promises to enrich and renew your spirits,” Susan says.

Just as it did for her 103-year-old mom.

(“What’s New in the Romance Department?” is free, but pre-registration is required. Email susan@whatsnewinromance.com, or call 203-341-5099.)

Susan Wexler


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