Jennifer Tooker Runs For 1st Selectman; Andrea Moore Joins Ticket

Jennifer Tooker’s hat is in the ring.

This morning, the 2nd selectwoman announced she’s running for the town’s top spot. First Selectman Jim Marpe said yesterday that he will not run for a 3rd term.

Tooker was elected with Marpe in 2017. Her running mate this time is Andrea Moore, vice chair of the Board of Finance. Like Marpe, both are Republicans.

As 2nd selectwoman Tooker launched Westport Together, an alliance between the town and Westport Public Schools.

She also created and hosts Westport Means Business, a series of events through which business owners and entrepreneurs make connections, exchange ideas and promote Westport.

Last May, in the early months of the pandemic, Marpe appointed Tooker as chair of the ReOpen Westport advisory team.

Jennifer Tooker

Tooker — a longtime member of the Board of Finance, Board of Education and Conservation Commission — left her 22-year career with Gen RE’s US and European reinsurance markets in 2013.

Since then — and continuing as 2nd selectwoman — Tooker has created ties with the Westport and Fairfield County business communities. She served on the board of directors for the Women’s Business Development Council, which provides training and financial education to female small business owners around the state.

Tooker is also involved in education, with a focus on closing the achievement gap in Connecticut. She was a board member of the State Education Resource Center, the Education Commission for the Diocese of Bridgeport, and the Adam J. Lewis Academy.

Tooker’s other volunteer efforts include the Westport Weston Family YMCA board of trustees and Bedford Family Social Responsibility Fund committee; Westport Sunrise Rotary Club and its 21st Century Foundation board, and coaching with the Westport Soccer Association.

Second selectman Jennifer Tooker’s shirt sent a message at a meeting to promote local women-owned businesses.

Tooker earned a bachelor of arts degree in economics and international relations from the University of Notre Dame. She and her husband Mo have 3 children: Jack, Riley and Nicole. Her parents recently moved to Westport.

“It has been a privilege to serve Westport as second selectwoman,” Tooker says. “This is an amazing town where we enjoy an excellent quality of life. I’ve been part of the team that has worked diligently to ensure Westport is a great place to live and work.

“This community deserves a local government that is accessible and accountable with leadership skills, management expertise and a strategic perspective. As first selectman I will continue to bring these skills to Town Hall every day. It would be an honor to lead Westport, the community we all call home, and foster an even greater sense of community and belonging for all our residents and business owners.”

Tooker’s running mate was elected to the Board of Finance in 2017, and selected as vice chair 2 years later. Moore also serves on the board’s audit subcommittee.

Previously she represented District 9 on the RTM. Her committee work included Education, Public Protection, and Library and Museums.

Moore has worked for over 20 years in financial services, with positions in institutional equity sales, equity research and investment banking at firms including UBS, BT Deutsche Bank and Salomon Brothers.

Andrea Moore

A native Westporter and Staples High School graduate, Moore is member of the YMCA board of trustees. She has served on the National Charity League’s Westport board, and is a former president of Staples Tuition Grants, Saugatuck Elementary School PTA, and A Child’s Place preschool board. She also co-chaired the Westport Public Schools’ Workshopo Committee.

Moore received a bachelor of science degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts School of Management. She and her husband Dave have 3 daughters: Tessa, Janna and Ella.

Moore says, “It is an honor to run alongside Jen Tooker, a truly accomplished leader for Westport. I am continually impressed with the effective, bipartisan way Jen solves problems and drives positive change. Westport is a truly special place to call home, and I know Jen will work every day to bring people together, represent our community with the utmost integrity, and employ a fresh perspective to meet challenges and new opportunities in the days ahead.”

(Click here for the Tooker/Moore website.)



26 responses to “Jennifer Tooker Runs For 1st Selectman; Andrea Moore Joins Ticket

  1. Rozanne Gates

    Considering the damage that the Republican Party wants to inflict on American democracy, I think it imperative that these two ladies denounce the Republican Party’s stance on voter suppression. I hope Westport sends a message in the next election that Republican values, and especially Trump Republicans, have no place in the Town of Westport.

    • Thank you, MS. Gates, for leading off with the most important expectation of all ,of any Republican running for office in a town that cares about democracy, community and progress. Both these women voted for Trump the first time and probably the second time…that alone disqualifies them from expecting votes or support from any American dedicated to a stable, democratic republic; because it means that they are not.

  2. Claudia Shaum

    Jen and Andrea are the perfect combination for this town – experience and strength and leadership! Go, Ladies, Go!

  3. Adam Vengrow

    Rozanne, take a hike with foolish divisive comments… this is a great article, thank you Dan. What Jennifer has done for this town, along with Marpe, is provide a fresh, glowing, appreciation for everything diverse and cultural and to the betterment of our community. Marpe and Tooker spend very little time catering to the extreme left and extreme right political nonsense. Jennifer is an awesome human, who loves this town, and will always do what is best for our community…. Anybody that knows Jennifer Tooker, knows, she could not care about what party anybody is. She is a great human who wants everybody to have a fair, great life in our neighborhood…. YES YES YES she is awesome!!!!!

  4. Dream Team.

  5. Jack Backiel

    The more I read Dan’s posts, the more I realize how far removed I am from my beloved hometown, my father’s hometown and my grandfather’s hometown for 59 years. My father was born in the farmhouse in 1918 on Old Road. I love reading the posts, but in a way it’s sad too. To those running for office, keep Westport strong! This comment sounds a bit sentimental, doesn’t it?

  6. Elaine Marino

    Westport is fortunate to having someone so caring, capable and devoted to Westport as Jen Tooker. This is wonderful news!

  7. Great news! Jen and Andrea have worked so closely with Jim Marpe and team to develop Westport’s rock solid foundation. The sky’s the limit now as they bring fresh perspectives to build upon their already proven success. They have my full endorsement!

  8. Rebecca Mace

    These two women are so amazing and care so much about this town. We would be lucky to have them working for us.

  9. Take a break from the Kool-Aid Rozanne.
    This is a terrific team to continue Jim’s work.

  10. J. Scott Broder

    Absolutely agree with AV’s succinct comment above:
    “ Rozanne, take a hike with foolish divisive comments… this is a great article, thank you Dan.”

    Westport is lucky to have two professional candidates to volunteer their time, energy, qualifications and experience to run for these important offices!

    Regardless of party affiliation this is a dream team which I’m pleased to support❗️

  11. Peter Barlow

    I’m wondering if Jennifer Tooker is related to Robert Tooker, the legendary harbormaster “Capt. Bob”, who ran the Compo harbor in the 1950s and 60s before it became a marina.

  12. Clark Thiemann

    I have no doubt of Ms. Tooker’s and Ms. Moore’s love for the town or their competence. I voted for Jim Marpe last election because I thought he was doing a great job and really respected the fact he came to the wake of my father who spent years (as a Democrat) in Westport politics even though they didn’t know one another personally.

    At the same time, when you run for office in Westport (except for RTM) you run under a party banner. Ms. Tooker and Ms. Moore (and Mr. Marpe before them) are running under the Republican banner and that party nationally and at the state level (including more than 10 bills in the CT legislature raised by Republicans this year) are pushing to make it harder to vote in ways that will mainly impact poorer and more marginalized communities mainly in response to false claims by the former President that the election was stolen from him. These false claims also helped provoke the attack on our Capitol building less than 3 months ago.

    While I don’t think that Ms. Tooker or Ms. Moore in any way support what happened at the Capitol, I do think it is fair game to ask them to opine on their thoughts on what their party at both the state and national level is pushing as its vision and agenda for the state and country. I would say the same thing about asking their future opponents about their views of things happening at the state and national level. While it’s not obviously their job to make national law I think hearing this helps make informed decisions about the people who will lead the town.

    To me, this is having a functioning democracy. I look forward to a robust conversation from now into the fall about the future of our town.

  13. Congratulations Jen and Andrea. Please look at these two as people who care about our community, have worked tirelessly for years to make Westport a better place for all of us. I know as First and Second Selectman, Jen and Andrea will continue to move our town forward with an eye on the future for all Westport residents. The focus from Westport leaders like Jen and Andrea has always been, will always be on Westport.
    Best of luck to you both. Dan wonderful post.

  14. Colleen Coffey

    Wonderful news!!! You ladies have my vote!

  15. Stacy Prince

    I echo Mr. Thiemann’s sentiments. After the last few years, it can be hard for anyone to see past the word “Republican” or “Democrat” in someone’s bio; knowing Ms. Tooker and Ms. Moore’s stance on important issues like voting rights would be really helpful for Westporters trying to decide who might best serve our community.

  16. Jen and Andrea…Absolutely PERFECT! I’d be delighted to have these capable, proven woman at the helm.

  17. Rozanne Gates

    Would any of you be willing to denounce the Trump Republicans and their desire to suppress democracy and their very cruel voter suppression laws being passed in ultra-right legislatures? We need to have that conversation because I doubt very seriously that the majority of Westporters want voter suppression here or anywhere.

  18. Jeff Arciola

    Dan and Rozanne. You need picture ID for everything except for voting. And yes to pick up your tickets at will call at a MLB baseball game. Stop your liberal crap. Every 4 years the democrats plead with voters of color what they will do for them. So 40 years later Please tell me what they have done for them. I lived In Westport for 46 years so don’t tell me you know about voter suppression and diversity. Lol.

    • Only forty six years, Jeff? I’ve been here for 51 years and sure thought you beat me here. 🙂

    • Rozanne Gates

      I grew up in Houston, Texas so I know first hand about voter suppression in the form of having to pay a poll tax. And again, I challenge all Westport Republicans to denounce the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, the abhorrent gerrymandering that is so prevalent in Republican-led legislatures, and the voter suppression laws that are popular in Republican-led states. Local Republicans lead to state-wide Republicans that lead to Congressional Republicans that lead to Trump. I challenged Marpe once to denounce Trump and he wouldn’t do it. I now challenge Ms. Tooker to denounce Trump and his bold lie about the “stolen” election. Our democracy is teetering on the edge of breaking and we have to remain vigilant in recognizing the damage that right-wing groups like The Proud Boys have brought to our doorstep.

  19. J. Scott Broder

    rozannegates It is very disheartening to read for your small-minded comments with respect to two extremely qualified woman to run for Westport offices. They have absolutely no relation to the abhorrent circumstances of the Trump administration. Simply look at the facts of the past two Marpe/ Tooker administrations to substantiate this. Your divisive comments placing blame where it’s not the least bit justified is why we are experiencing the divisiveness in our country today. It’s sad.

  20. Please tell me what Donald Trump has to do with the competence and commitment of these 2 capable and dedicated Westporters? Local politicals should not be about partisan rhetoric. The Donald Trump references are just getting old and tired and he has nothing to do with Westport. Move on with the negative and polarizing rhetoric and embrace 2 dedicated people who have displayed leadership. If not….vote with your conscience and appreciate that fact that we are blessed we still have the ability to freely exercise our right to vote.

  21. J. Scott Broder

    Bravo Jamie well expressed!

    Thank you 🙏🏼

    • Thank you Scott!

    • Werner Liepolt

      The discussion about how and whether the current Republican candidates for the Selectmen’s office are connected to the failure of the National GOP to ensure the peaceful transition of Presidential power from The Predecessor to President Biden and the subsequent push by state legislatures to deny voting rights (Georgia) and human rights (Arkansas) has piqued my attention. Why shouldn’t local candidates be responsive and responsible to at least some degree to what their political colleagues are doing? Presumably they are supported by and are supporting each other?