[BREAKING NEWS] Marpe Will Not Run For 3rd Term

Moments ago, 1st Selectman Jim Marpe announced that he will not pursue re-election this November. He is 74 years old, and in his 2nd term as Westport’s chief executive. Marpe said:

It has been an honor to serve my community for the past 7 years. I deeply appreciate the bipartisan support and encouragement I have received throughout that time.

While the Westport Town Charter does not place term limits on our elected officials, my experience in the private sector taught me that every organization benefits from regular changes in senior leadership.

First Selectman Jim Marpe

I am proud of what my administration has accomplished or set in motion, including our responses to COVID-19, fiscal responsibility, physical improvements, and addressing social justice concerns. We have prioritized the delivery of superior services at a predictable cost to the taxpayer. I am very proud that we kept the mill rate stable throughout my entire term in office.

I also know that the real key to our success as a community is the professionalism and commitment to serving our residents that is exhibited every day by the women and men who are employed by the town and the Westport Public Schools.

It is also the result of the remarkable dedication and creativity of our dozens of citizen volunteers and elected officials. I am so fortunate to have led a team of employees and residents that is the envy of my counterparts in other communities.

During the remaining 7 months of my term, I will continue to focus on leading Westport safely out of the pandemic tunnel we have been in for the past year, as well as achieving or launching the initiatives that I have described in various budget and State of the Town presentations.

When I first ran for election to the selectman’s office, I committed to bringing a citizen-centric, professional management style to my responsibilities. I assure you that will continue into November.

I want to thank the voters of Westport for allowing me the opportunity to have the special privilege of serving them in the first selectman’s office. I remain humbled by, and grateful for, the responsibility you have granted me.

“06880” thanks Jim Marpe for his strong, clear, passionate service to the town — as 1st Selectman, former Board of Education chair, and many other positions. Click here for a full biography.

1st Selectman Jim Marpe last May, with a pandemic message for the town.

25 responses to “[BREAKING NEWS] Marpe Will Not Run For 3rd Term

  1. Very difficult shoes to fill. He was a real leader and will be sorely missed.

  2. Marc Tishfield

    oh No – He’s done an amazing job! big shoes to fill.

  3. Steven Halstead

    Jim, Thank you!
    You have served Westport with dedication, professionalism, vast energy and grace under fire.
    The town is better for your service.
    Rosemary & Steve Halstead

  4. Jim,
    Thank you so much for all you have done for our town. Your thoughtful leadership has served us well during very challenging times.
    Happy to call you my friend.
    – Don

  5. Jim- you will be sorely missed. I have felt very well cared for under your watch. As others have said, those will be large shoes to fill!!

  6. He served the town admirably. i only hope we have another individual who will be as dedicated to the betterment of all Westport citizens as he was.
    Good Luck Jim and Thanks!

  7. Claudia Shaum

    Westport is one lucky town to have had Jim Marpe in this role. Every citizen of Westport owes him a debt of gratitude for his service and leadership.

  8. Sharon Wessan

    Thank you Jim for your tireless service to Westport! You will be missed!!

  9. John D. McCarthy

    Thanks Jim for all the years of service.

  10. Stephen Axthelm

    Jim, it has been an honor serving the town on the Parks & Recreation Commission with your leadership and support. Having had the opportunity to work closely with you has allowed me to know what a thoughtful, caring and really fine man you are. I am grateful for our friendship. I hope your next chapter is as fulfilling and successful as all the previous ones. -Ax

  11. Carol Lupo-Simek

    Thank you Jim for all you have done to make Westport the great town it is. You will be sorely missed!

    • Michele Mitnick

      Thank you for your service, Jim! You have led our town with grace and dignity. We will miss you. We hope you will now be able to spend all of time you wish to with your family! Cheers to new adventures! Michele and Bruce

  12. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    Jim Marpe, First selectmen of Westport, Connecticut,

    Thank you for your years of commitment to Westport, CT.
    I’m hoping that you’ve been groomed to run for Governor of Connecticut.
    We need you, I need you to manage the State of Connecticut.
    You can put us in the BLACK
    The Politician running our states business have ruined our State, they don’t know how to run a business. Jim, ask any one politician right now “What is the DEBT of the State of Connecticut”. Listen to their response.
    I believe with your knowledge and experience in the business world one term will put Connecticut back on track.

    Gerald F. Romano, Jr.
    These are my thoughts

    • I would love to see the next breaking news say Marpe is running for Governor!

      I think that those that are well-experienced in the private sector are best suited to run a state/town. I am going to generalize, but I think that those that are simply politicians or have a “following” typically don’t understand fixing root cause and struggle with critical thinking. What do I mean by well-experienced? Marpe was a Partner at Accenture, M&A-focused IIRC. I’d say similar Big 4 or Big 10 experience, in a similar consulting capacity, would likely give best chance at yielding another great leader. I spent much of my career working in the Big 4 on various types of consulting assignments. Those experiences set me up for success around every corner since, so I can easily understand why Marpe has been effective.

  13. Julie & Robert Haroun


    Thank you for your strong leadership, clear direction & love for our town! You are a political role model for al l– showing us that bipartisanship can work when people in power compromise and negotiate for the benefit of all. Thank you for your service, dedication & kindness. You will be sorely missed!


    Julie & Robert Haroun, SIR Development

  14. Wishing you well in your next chapter.

  15. Richard K. Vogel

    High energy achiever…We need more like him!

  16. Martha & Don Ercole

    Having read all of the previous comments, we can only say that we agree with all of the superlatives! Thank you, Jim(and Mary Ellen) for your many years of service to our town & state as First Selectman & in other organizations.

  17. Thank you Jim for your friendship and for your leadership. You are certainly leaving Westport in a better place, with a solid foundation for the future. The 26,000 Westport residents are grateful for everything you have done to help make Westport the ultimate place to live, work and play. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  18. Will you support my run for first selectman?

  19. Michael Calise

    You have made Westport a better place. Thank You for your achievements and dedication to our town.

  20. Michael A Rea

    Thank you for your years of service….Jim you are a first class gentlemen.

  21. Thomas Carey

    Jim Marpe has been a fine leader for our town. Intelligent, respectful, thoughtful, measured; he has provided excellent guidance through some of the most challenging times our town has faced over the last several decades.

  22. Ken Bernhard

    Well done, Jim. I join my fellow commentators in both congratulating you and thanking you for your contribution to our community. I add my highest regards and wish you well in your new endeavors. Ken Bernhard

  23. Jeanine A Esposito

    Thank you, Jim. Your gracious and enthusiastic leadership has been amazing. Yours will be hard act to follow! We hope to see you back at Beechwood soon!