Roundup: Autism Awareness, Burying Hill Rocks …


To honor Autism Awareness Month, Westport Police officers bought special commemorative badges. They’ll wear them on their uniforms throughout April.

The blue badge prominently features the puzzle piece logo — the symbol of autism awareness. A portion of the badge’s purchase price will be donated to Autism Speaks.

Westport Police officers show off their autism badges.

In addition, Fleet Auto Supply donated autism logos for the doors of all police cars.

During Autism Awareness Month, the Police Department reminds Westporters about the town’s Disability Registry. A combined effort of the Westport Disability Commission, Human Services and the Police, the confidential registry provides essential information to assist police and other emergency workers to address the needs of residents of all abilities. Click here for signup information.


Westport’s rockiest beach is getting some love.

Two machines were hard at work yesterday and today, at Burying Hill Beach.

One ran rocks through a sifter.

Another smoothed the sand.

(Photos/Art Schoeller)

It’s not as difficult as freeing a 220,000-ton ship from the Suez Canal.

But it’s close.


Concerned how much longer the bull market will run? Worried what’s next?

Y’s Women’s Investment Group has a few slots for new members. The club has analyzed the market for more than 20 years — and achieved better results than some famous prognosticators. For more information, email

Y’s Women membership is $45 a year. To learn more, click here. For the latest newsletter, click here.


Betty Stolpen Weiner writes: “I recently moved back to the area (Weston), and wanted to share a nice Westport experience.

“I needed a large and very heavy table moved to my basement. I saw on Facebook that the Staples High School wrestling team moves furniture in exchange for a donation for the team.

“Sal Augeri sent his son Nick over with some friends to help. I was so impressed with how polite, responsible and helpful the boys were! It was a nice reminder of why I chose to move back to the area.”

If you’ve got moving (or other physical labor) needs, email or

Among the wrestlers’ jobs: moving a chicken coop. (This was before the pandemic, which is why they’re not wearing masks.)


Samantha Lavy and Jennifer Strom — aka the JSRC Group of therapists — has opened a Westport office, at 26 Imperial Avenue. They’ll continue their Stamford practice too.

“We support couples, families, teens, and individuals as we all move through these challenging times and beyond,” they say. “We also continue our work advising families navigating the particular complexities and family dynamics which often occur in the context of family business and wealth.”

For more information call 203-212-8383, or email

Samantha Lavy (left) and Jennifer Strom.


A worried “06880” reader writes:

“I was on my way to the transfer station, when a lady behind me took a picture of my minivan. I thought, oh boy, I bet with the wind, a trash bag fell out of the can on my cargo hitch.

“I got the station. Sure enough, one bag was missing.

“I drove the same route back, and found it. I picked it up and drove home.

“I am writing just in case a picture of my super-cool white minivan with an awesome cargo hitch gets carrying a couple of trash cans gets to you.

“I thought the lady who took a picture of my minivan would post it on social media and send it to you. I thought I would have to sell the super-cool minivan to avoid being identified and embarrass my children forever.

“I swear I pick up after my dog and park my car using one spot. Nevertheless, the fact that someone had a picture of my car was a very strong incentive to trace down the fly-away-trash bag.”


And finally … tons o’ musical birthdays today, with a variety of genres. We salute:

Jay Traynor, the original “Jay” of Jay & the Americans (replaced later by Jay Black); born in 1943, died in 2014, age 71.

Eric Clapton: 76 years old today.

MC Hammer: 59 years old.

Tracy Chapman: 57 years old.

Celine Dion: 53 years old.

Norah Jones: 42 years old.

10 responses to “Roundup: Autism Awareness, Burying Hill Rocks …

  1. Dan — Great calls on musicians’ birthdays.

    But expand your horizons. It’s also Warren Beatty’s 84th!

  2. Claudia Bradley

    And it’s Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. Where’s Vincent (Starry Starry Night)?

  3. The film “Temple Grandin” is available on HBO. It’s the story of a highly-functioning autistic woman who invented a humane system of herding livestock for slaughter. She was listed in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World.

  4. Linda Sugarman

    I am so happy to see the Autism badges on the policemen’s uniforms! I hope they each and all get to spend some time with a young adult with Autism. Take someone to an activity that they really want to attend or spend some time with them in a comfortable for them environment. It is a great way to experience possibly different but loving interaction. A way to understand how outside experience might be frightening to someone on a normal day. And a way to learn how to Be with someone that may need you but can’t always tell you.
    You may need a chaperone to learn from but you would be giving someone a very valuable chance to get used to you and your humanity behind the uniform. Might help with many possible encounters for all in the big world!!
    Thank you for choosing it!!

  5. Linda Sugarman

    Temple Grandin was asked how she would describe love since Autistuc people are thought to be asocial or without emotion. She simply said that ‘love’ to her is caring about someone.
    Sounds pretty good to me!!!

  6. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Totally Agree with Linda Sugarman!

    from a (Patient,Kind) Mom of a 25-year-old,’high-functioning’,Wonderful son, during these challenging, crazy times..

    Shout-outs to Westport’s Finest for their ‘Autism Awareness’. 🙂

  7. Hanne Jeppesen

    I saw Eric Clapton when he played at Staples in the spring of 1968. Great guitarist, part of my generation. Hard to think of him as old (I’m the same age). Back then we use to say “Don’t trust anyone over 30”. I remember when I turned 60 all of sudden I was twice that age, quite a chock.

  8. A shout out of thanks to Chief Koskinas and the Westport PD for their support of autism awareness….makes one all warm a fuzzy to know we have a chief and a PD that give a damn.

  9. I hope they didn’t destroy all the flat rocks at Burying Hill. The greatest place in the world to skip stones on the water would have a hard time keeping that distinction if they did!