Welcome Back, Osprey!

Our long, dark winter is finally over.

The air was wonderfully warm today. Temperatures topped 70.

There’s a bounce in people’s steps, and smiles on their faces — particularly those who are vaccinated against COVID.

Staples High School has returned to full in-person learning. For the first time in a year, the building bustles with a familiar hum.

And — in the surest sign yet that the world continues to spin wonderfully — the ospreys are back. Well, at least one.

Wendy Crowther spotted Westport’s favorite raptor yesterday, sprucing up the Fresh Market net.

She went back today, and snapped this photo.

(Photo/Wendy Crowther)

Welcome home!


9 responses to “Welcome Back, Osprey!

  1. Rindy Higgins

    It’s a male. Males come first to work on the nest and protect it from others.

  2. India van Voorhees

    doesn’t look like the one from previous years …

  3. Susan Iseman


  4. John F Suggs

    Well, granted it isn’t exactly at the level of the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, but…I will take it. Nice picture Wendy!

    • Ahhh, John, it’s far better than them swallows at Capistrano ’cause it’s here, not there.

  5. Caryl Beatus


  6. Wendy, We are soooo. Happy. Three generations
    Of the Strong family finished construction of a new
    Osprey platform at our Summer home in Maine in
    October. We are of course hoping that an Osprey family
    Will be forthcoming this year. Not sure if a first year
    Platform is a likely choice for Ospreys but we are praying.
    Will report if it happens.
    Brian Strong
    PS – I still remember and appreciate what a diligent
    scorekeeper You were at the old Y.

    • Wendy Crowther

      Hi Brian, it’s great to hear about the Strong family’s osprey platform. I hope it attracts a pair looking for a new roost. I share equally fond memories about you and your ability to rack up great rankings on the Y’s squash/racquetball ladder. I remain so appreciative of all the great people and opportunities that the Y brought into my life and career. I count the Strong family among them.

  7. Leslie Riback

    Welcome home Mr. Osprey. Hope the Mrs. is on her way!