Roundup: Medicine, March Madness …


Amy Crane posted on a local Facebook group:

“I am the mother of a seventh grader at Coleytown Middle School. Unfortunately I have developed a secondary cancer as a result of my original treatment, and will need a bone marrow transplant. If you are willing and able please register as a donor (click here). Most of the time it’s just like donating blood and not painful at all. Bonus if you are 18-44!”

The more matches, the more chances someone like Amy can be helped. (Hat tip: Frank Rosen)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

You can celebrate with Charlie Heath. The Staples High School Class of 1987 graduate  was in the 1994 horror classic “Leprechaun 2.” It runs all day — with the other “Leprechaun” films — on the Syfy network. (Hat tip: Rich Stein)


March Madness begins soon. And what better way to dive in than with FastBreak.

The digital show — which covers the NCAA basketball tournament in a variety of platforms, with wall-to-wall, fast-paced coverage — is hosted by Westporter Dave Briggs.

It’s a perfect role for the former NBC Sports, Fox News and CNN star.

He’s joined by Kentucky basketball legends Rex Chapman and Tony Delk for every game in the first 2 rounds this Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

You can watch on the NCAA website, or the March Madness Live app.

Dave Briggs (left) and friends.


Registration for Westport Parks & Recreation spring and summer programs begins online on March 22 (9 a.m.). Click here for all offerings, including sports, Camp Compo and RECing Crew. Click here to register.

The Parks & Rec office remains closed to the public. Staff is available via email (, phone (203-341-5152 weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and mail (260 Compo Road South, Westport, CT 06880).

For registration, check your online account tnow. Log in, then click “Manage Family Members” on the bottom right. To view more details, click the name of a specific family member. Make any changes, then hit “save.” For address changes, email

If you cannot log into your online account, do not create another profile. Email, or call 203-341-5152.


And finally … “06880” (or should I say 0’6880) wishes all readers — Irish or (unfortunately) not — a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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  1. I always thought “Will ye go, lassie go” was a Scottish song. Maybe because I’m about 65% Scots and only 20-ish% Irish ancestry. I looked it up, and apparently it’s a bit of each. Scottish lyrics and melody, but adapted, re-worked, and popularised by an Irishman, actually an Irish father and son. Just goes to show you don’t always know what you think you know. Thanks Dan.