Roundup: Christopher Plummer, Staples Players, Avi Kaner, More


In 1987 — its bicentennial — Weston produced a history of the town.

Lots of communities do something similar.

But not many get to have theirs produced and narrated by one the most famous actors in the world.

This video — courtesy of Cristina Negrin — says all you need to know about the deep feeling Christopher Plummer had for his adopted hometown.

And Weston loved him right back.


Due to snow, Staples Players’ 1st radio play of 2nd semester — the thriller “Sorry, Wrong Number,” broadcast live from the Black Box Theater — has been postponed. The new date is Wednesday, February 10 (7 p.m.).

The production will be streamed live (and free) at


Westporters know Avi Kaner as our former 2nd selectman and Board of Finance chair.

But he also co-owns Morton Williams, the noted New York City supermarket chain. It’s a 75-year-old family company, but it’s never faced a challenge like today’s pandemic and its many side effects.

The other day, Kaner spoke to NTD Business about the state of his business, and New York — including the flight to the suburbs. Click below for the fascinating interview.


“06880 readers” can’t get enough of the “new” view of I-95 and the Beachside Avenue overpass, now that it’s been removed for reconstruction. Here’s one more shot:

(Photo/John Richers)


This guy hung out at the Lansdowne condos yesterday. No telling what he’ll look like today.

(Photo/Lauri Weiser)


Westport Town Clerk Patty Strauss retired in December. Last month, she and her husband Ed moved to North Carolina.

Yesterday, their Juniper Road was torn down. Real estate moves fast around here.

(Photo/Mark Mathias)


Numerous fire trucks raced to Bayberry Lane this morning, to put out a fire at Belta’s farm.

The blaze was confined to an outbuilding, rented to tenants.

Belta’s farm, with fire apparatus on hand.


And finally … Jim Weatherly died Wednesday near Nashville, of natural causes. He was 77.

He wrote hit songs for Ray Price, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers and many others. His biggest was originally called “Midnight Plane to Houston.” Gladys Knight and the Pips turned it into the much more memorable “Midnight Train to Georgia.”


6 responses to “Roundup: Christopher Plummer, Staples Players, Avi Kaner, More

  1. Dermot Meuchner

    NTD news, really? I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Morton Williams, I feel sorry for the people who work for them.

  2. I’d suppose the ultrawealthy of Beachside Ave would prefer the bridge be gone permanently. It keeps out the riff raff, and I’d suppose the few that need to go to work can hire a helicopter if they’re in a hurry.

  3. The Strauss’s neighbors are going to be hearing construction all around them- the 6000 square foot home on Juniper and another 5000+ square foot home just around the corner on Gorham are about to be built. Bang bang bang bang bang …..7 am and beyond six days a week.

  4. Wendy Crowther

    James Naughton, another of our famous actors, also appears in the Weston Bicentennial documentary as a salesman trying to hawk his edge tools to the local hardware store owner. How lucky are we to have such acting talent living among us and contributing to our Westport/Weston communities. I’d never seen this film before. Thank you, Christina and Dan, for sharing it with us.

  5. Look for Frank Converse, too, in the Weston documentary. By 1987 he’d already made a name for himself on Broadway, in nine films, and as a heart throb on two daytime soaps.

  6. Mary Schmerker

    Watching the Outlivers was such a treat. So many family names that still are familiar to us, even if we are Westporters.