0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 45 Gallery

Week after week, “06880” artists prove their range, creativity and talent. This edition is particularly colorful and interesting.

This is your page. Send us your art — in whatever form you create it. You don’t have to be a pro, or even experienced. We want it all!

Art should be inspired by, relevant to, or somehow, in some way, connected to our current lives. Student submissions of all ages are especially welcome.

Email dwoog@optonline.net, to share your work with the world.

Untitled. Artist Amy Schneider says: “We may speak different languages, but the language of art connects us all.”

“Mad Professor Dave” (Deborah Howland-Murray)

Untitled. Artist Roseann Spengler says: “It’s not flowers. Eggs are the symbol of new life … and of course, a good breakfast.”

“Gone With the Wind’ (Karen Weingarten). Photo taken at Longshore.

“Enjoying the View” (Lawrence Weisman)

Untitled. Artist Laura Cullen is a 1981 graduate of Staples High School. She lives near Los Angeles, and has works in a permanent collection in Tokyo. This painting is one of 10 she created during the pandemic, as part of her “Gaslight Series.”

5 responses to “0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 45 Gallery

  1. Loved waking this am to community art esp. of a few people I know but had no notion of their talent.

  2. Laura Cullen Cohen

    Thank you Dan Woog!! 🌸

  3. A pleasure to have known the Mad Professor

  4. our town is wicked talented !