Unsung Hero #175

Every Tuesday and Friday, Tony Puccetti’s wait by the window. When Scott — their regular collector for Malone’s Refuse Service — arrives, they wave excitedly. He always waves back.

Roman’s 3rd birthday was last Tuesday. Earlier, Tony and his wife spoke to “Mr. Scott.” They said they’d leave balloons by their driveway. Could he grab them and honk his horn? It would make Roman’s birthday — because he wanted his theme to be “Garbage Truck.”

Mr. Scott did that — and a lot more.

He brought Roman a gift. He led him by the hand to the back of the truck. Then he lifted Roman up, so he could help compact the trash. (Click below for the video.)

It was the best birthday Roman could imagine.

Thanks, Mr. Scott. You’re Roman’s — and ours — Unsung Hero of the week.


17 responses to “Unsung Hero #175

  1. Wonderful story!!

  2. We LOVE Scott too! He’s the best- always in a great mood, super helpful & an all-around great person! He goes above & beyond and our family is fortunate to know him!

  3. One word: CLASS!

  4. Madeline Bayliss

    Dan, what a great choice for today. We are celebrating the inauguration with expressions of boys and girls being able to imagine being anything they want to be. Mr. Scott was that person for Roman today.

  5. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Beautiful story! Loved Roman’s face, when he opened his birthday gift! 🙂

  6. James Z. Conn

    I’m hiring them ASAP!!

  7. I love this story . Mr Scott is a wonderful person. Thank you Mr. Scott for showing this little child there really are good and caring people in this world. God bless you.

  8. Emily Mikesell

    Malone’s is the BEST! They’ve come to Oak Street every Tuesday and Friday since before I was born. I’d never even consider going elsewhere.
    Everyone from the company I’ve ever dealt with, in person or on the phone, has been a stellar human! So good to see them featured here.
    And see how happy they made Roman (and his mom)!

  9. Dermot Meuchner

    The Malones are exceptional people. Scott is an absolute gem! Bravo

  10. Such a happy story, love it!

  11. Martha Siderowf

    Scott is the best…He takes great pride in his work, his family and the well-being of his customers….

  12. Rebecca Ellsley

    This is great. Thanks for sharing and all making it happen. Happy birthday.

  13. Malone’s is A Westport Institution! Hats off Mr. Scott!

  14. Michael A. Rea

    Scott is the best…!
    We appreciate his efforts all year good to see he is up and going again

  15. Susan P. Saracena

    Yep, Scott’s the best. Always a smile on his face. Thank you Scott!

  16. Michael Calise

    Scott is amazing. nothing stops him from getting the job done.

  17. Such a heart warming story 🙂