It’s “Almost Christmas” In Weston

SBE Studio is a Weston gem.

Run by Broadway actress Jodi Stevens Bryce (with her husband, actor Scott Bryce), it offers instruction and education for performers of all ages. Students are diverse, committed — and very talented.

Jodi’s students always bring joy to the community. That’s tough, in these COVID days. But now we need it now more than ever.

Every December SBE showcases its work with friends, family and — especially — seniors, at places like the Westport Senior Center. Students spread holiday cheer, and in return get a full performance opportunity with a grateful audience.

This year that performance was impossible. What could Jodi’s group do instead?

Jodi Stevens Bryce

The first plan was to carol door to door for older residents. As coronavirus cases rose and the Weston schools went all online, that became untenable.

Plan B was to sing at the Weston Senior Center’s holiday drive-up luncheon. New restrictions and an abundance of caution scotched those plans too.

But Jodi and her young performers realized that — just as they had gone virtual themselves — they could perform a song, film it separately and safely at home, then edit it together to give hope and joy back to the community.

“Many of our elderly are still sheltering in place, are ill, have lost loved ones, are lonely, or are otherwise unable to gather in public,” Jodi says.

Of course, they’re not the only once who could use a little cheer.

So here — for everyone, old and young, in Weston and Westport and far beyond — is SBE Studio’s “Almost Christmas.” The song from “A Little Princess’ shines a light on a simpler time.

But in these tough times, the joy in the hearts of students from Weston, Westport, Fairfield, New Canaan and Ridgefield is clear, palpable, and lovely indeed.

(Featured players include Hannah Johnson, Elana Nordstrom, Adia Hourihan, Emma Seoane, Eve Davis, Hannah Pressman, Sofia Abreu, Lauren Wasserman, Sophie Bud, Scarlet Tanzer, Ulma Hedge and June Skodis.)


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  1. Katie Augustyn

    Simply wonderful! Thank you!

  2. That was beautiful… thanks for the joy!

  3. Wonderful! It brought tears to my eyes.