The First Storm: The Day After

Predictions for heavy snow and high winds were spot on.

But Westport survived.

Of course. We’re 2020-battle tested, and ready for anything!

A tiny bit of color on Saugatuck Shores. (Photo/William Armstrong)

A mourning dove and his flakes. (Photo/Lou Weinberg)

Snow covers the patio — and sliding glass doors — outside “06880” headquarters. (Photo/Dan Woog)


6 responses to “The First Storm: The Day After

  1. Jane L Lassner

    It wasn’t the 12 to 18 inches they were warning us about.

  2. Beth Berkowitz

    Beautiful photos as usual. How many inches was it? I’m not in town right now. Thanks

  3. Per the mailman just now: no home delivery today, just clearing packages out of the facility.

  4. Lou, that is such an awesome picture of your resident morning dove!

  5. I can’t tell how much snow actually fell, but like Ms. Lassner above, I have the impression it was a good deal less than was forecast. However, maybe my perception is distorted by the fact that we didn’t lose power this time. In any event, as Dan says, it looks like we made it through OK.

  6. I hope folks have enough common sense to clean off their cars before driving. It’s the law.