Red Sky At Night …

Last night’s Pics of the Day featured a couple of images of the fiery sunset, a few hours earlier.

It was one of the most spectacular of the year. Two other Compo Beach photos came in later. They’re worth sharing.

(Photo/Jo Shields)

(Photo/Dan Hoffman)

But note: Despite the old adage “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning/Red sky at night, sailors’ delight,” today’s forecast is for periods of rain, with possible snow.

Then watch out for Wednesday. Head out now, to beat the panic grocery shoppers!

One response to “Red Sky At Night …

  1. Joyce Barnhart

    So pretty. It’s my understanding that a red sky either at sunrise or sunset is because of dust in the atmosphere. That dust contributes to cloud formation and precipitation. A red morning sky usually means bad weather that day – but why doesn’t a red evening sky mean bad weather that night? Fortunately, with weather satellites we don’t have to rely on such things as red skies and rheumatic aches anymore.