Pic Of The Day #1331

Alistair Boughton took a gap year after graduating from Staples High School, and worked for the town taking care of beaches and fields. COVID interfered with his plans. But he loves Westport, so he continued working the land — which belonged to his great-grandparents, the Jenningses and Sherwoods, long ago. Above: Alistair at Longshore.

11 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1331

  1. Peter Jennings Talbot

    The Jennings & Sherwoods are my family too, so we must be related, Alistair!

  2. I remember a Sereno Jennings that my father talked about, and then there’s Jennings Court off of Bayberry Lane. It’s definitely a well known family.

    • Michael Calise

      Sereno Jennings was quite an enterprising man. I originally met him as my Boy Scout Leader (Troop 39, Greens Farms) who along with Andre’ Jaeger a local flower grower ran the troop. Two inspiring men! Sereno was a contractor. He built and owned the center where the Carvel Store is located on Post Road East. His son bob took over the business and His Grandson Peter Jennings currently manages the center. Sereno and his wife eventually retired to islamorada in the Florida Keys.

  3. Ellen J. Jennings Grevatt

    I am Peter’s mother, so obviously I am related also, Alistair!

  4. maryschmerker

    I love the picture for several reasons. I have grandkids who are taking gap tears from college because of Covid. working the land for the town is wonderful. Then there are the town founding family names, Sherwood and Jennings…… Carry on Alistair….

  5. Andre Jaeger and my father were good friends. Andre had that large greenhouse next to Long Lots Junior High, which I’m sure has been torn down. The Jaegers were, and I’m sure still are, a great family!


  7. Mary Schmerker

    I finished decorating for Christmas today and put out the assortment of Christmas Carole books that belonged to my Grandmother Otis. She was the organist for Saugatuck Congregational Church and after that she often had the children who lived near her in Owenoke over to sing Carols. I opened one of the books looking for a date and to my surprize on the back page was a Chritsmas Greeting from…. Sereno G. Jennings! Besides the Carols each one has a short explanation about the song. This is truly a family treasure. I am guessing that it dates to the late 1940’s

  8. Nancy Powers Conklin

    The Jennings’ family lived behind us. We used to swim in their pool all the time during summers. Sereno and Millie used to be like relatives to us. They were the greatest!!

  9. Elaine Clayton

    I’m looking forward to meeting al of you distant cousins (I’m Alistair’s mother and it is through my mother’s line that we are related to Abigail Sherwood and Joshua Jennings I — 7th g-grandmother and 8th g-grandfather. I love reading the memories and connections here!