Cribari Bridge Lights: You Can Help!

Whatever goes around, comes around.

For over 20 years from Thanksgiving through January, traffic going around — or over — the William F. Cribari Bridge has slowed. Everyone is awed by the span’s lights, from Riverside Avenue to Bridge Street.

The colorful display is beautiful, wherever you stand. Driving through it is especially fun.

The William F. Cribari Bridge, in all its holiday glory. (Photo/JD Dworkow)

The lights are a gift from Al’s Angels. The non-profit — started in part by Al DiGuido, and aided by countless volunteers — provides holiday meals, gifts  and toys to thousands of children and families battling cancer, rare blood disease and severe financial hardship.

Al’s Angels gives so much to Fairfield County. And so many give to Al’s Angels.

Last year, Saugatuck Rowing Club gave back to both. The boathouse/fitness center/restaurant just a few yards from the bridge sponsored a bridge lighting festival. Hundreds of people came, and contributed funds that help Al’s Angels continue its amazing work.

Merry Christmas, thanks to Al’s Angels.

The Rowing Club wanted to do the same thing this year. COVID makes the need more urgent than ever — both in terms of the number of people who need help, and covering the shortfall from people having a tough time donating this year.

But the recent spike in cases makes a big gathering untenable.

Meanwhile, for 5 hours this weekend — working through 3 a.m. — volunteers replaced all the old lights with new ones. They were (of course) a donation from Al’s Angels, with help from A.J. Penna & Sons Construction.

A low-key lighting celebration is set for this Friday (November 27, 6 p.m.). There won’t be a big crowd, unfortunately.

So Diana Kuen and the Rowing Club are asking their friends — and all “06880” readers – to help. They hope everyone who can will donate $20 (or more!).

Of course, you don’t have to wait until Friday. Click here to give funds. Click here to provide a gift to a child, through Al’s Angels’ Touchless Toy Drive.

This year more than ever, we need those Cribari Bridge lights.

And this year more than ever, Al’s Angels needs us.

Whatever goes around, comes around.

The Cribari Bridge at Christmastime. (Photo/Joel Treisman)





6 responses to “Cribari Bridge Lights: You Can Help!

  1. Just a question about the lights, why are there no traditional Christmas colored lights? Red and green perhaps? Thanks for all the people who set up and support the lights!

  2. The Cribari Bridge is something special and unique to Westport. The Christmas Season lights are a wonderful addition to a special place.
    We should as a community also start a drive and plan to do a special preservation of the bridge with a recreation of the bridge in great detail that will slightly widen and replace the Cribari bridge that’s literally falling down. The State DOT does not have the foresight, motivation or budget to plan to do such a project and they will wait until its condemned and closed to thru traffic. I think Westporters and others so motivated should start a program of ” Restore and improve the Cribari Bridge”! We need to preserve this bridges special history and uniqueness that graces our community!

  3. Ray, you are a bit off the mark. CTDOT has issued three proposals to improve the Bridge and one proposal to appease those who want the same old same old. One of the constructive proposals is exactly as you describe. The Department needs the support of people like you to make sure that the can is not once again kicked down the road and improvement is addressed once and for all. All Westporters should make their voices heard by addressing their desires to the First Selectman in order to get something done.

  4. Al’s Angels is a great LOCAL charity and I urge all to give if possible. I will be watching the festivities from next door at Parker Mansion, probably with a beverage in hand.

  5. I am sorry, but if you think our first selectman will take on CtDOT, I think you are being a bit niave. Sometimes it takes pressure from the public at large to move staunch old state agencies to great achievements. If CTDOT can build a huge new bridge by the side of I95 in Stamford and replace the old bridge with the minimum of disruption, then a new historically and athletically upsized replacement to preserve the wonderful Saugatuck Cribari Bridge can be designed and built offsite to accomplish the same result before the old bridge falls into the Saugatuck River. “RESTORE THE CRIBARI BRIDGE!

    I gladly made my contribution to Al’s Angels.