Photo Challenge #307

Some people think a Photo Challenge is unfair because it shows an obscure part of Westport. Others get made because it’s a spot they’ve never seen.

To which I say: Suck it up. That’s why it’s a Photo “Challenge,” not a “Slam Dunk.” This isn’t intramural sports. Not everyone gets a trophy.

But I knew when I posted last week’s shot that it was totallyunfair. There was no way 50% of my readers would have any idea where to find Molly Alger’s image.

It was the ladies room at Fresh Market.

I couldn’t resist. It was a nice photo (click here to see). And — as John Kelly pointed out in the comments — Albert Ellis often asked his patients, “Where did you get the idea that life is fair?”

Susan Iseman was first with the correct answer. She was also last. No one else knew (though a few readers guessed it was a women’s room somewhere).

Who knew there are flowers in those places? Not I. And not half of my readers.

I will spare you a shot of a urinal for that half. Instead, here is this week’s Photo Challenge — back to 100% of our audience. If you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments” below.

And if you don’t know: I don’t care. Life is not fair.

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

39 responses to “Photo Challenge #307

  1. Possibly in Winslow Park looking toward the Playhouse condos.

  2. Earth place!

  3. View from Meadow Trail at Earth Place

  4. Haskins Preserve

  5. Earth Place

  6. Haskins Preserve

  7. So far: all wrong!

    • Well, what I was going to add to my post was that this picture seems as if it could have been taken in a variety of spots in Westport—confirmation in a way of the beauty that can be found around town—and I think the variety of answers offers evidence of that.

  8. Newman-Poses Preserve?

  9. It’s looking into the Aspetuck open space from Greens Farms Road. Not far from where they sell Christmas trees.

  10. Open space near Greens Farms Road and the Connector across from Colonial Cemetery?

  11. Good photo! Nice view! – Wherever it is. I hope some developer isn’t looking at it.

  12. Still nowhere near close. But as for Peter Barlow (above): Developers have looked at this spot. They have not been able to build there, however.

  13. Could this be the Kowalsky Farm on Clapboard Hill Rd? I think also known as Peaceful Valley Farm when animals were housed there.

  14. Michael Calise

    preserve on Sasco Creek Road

  15. Bill Strittmatter

    Hmmm, based on the hint and a quick look at Google maps, maybe the southeast corner of 33 and Kings Highway North, looking across the Taylortown Salt Marsh?

  16. Schine Preserve in Glendenning?

  17. The section of Rices Lane behind the Y (i.e., the part you are not allowed to drive on)?

  18. West side of Main St. across from Gorham/Washington Ave. area.

  19. First, Dan: What were you doing in the Ladies’ Room?

    The answer to this is easy, even if I am in Portland. It is a tree out standing in its field. (Sorry, folks, the real weather here sucks. “J.”

  20. Lee’s canal. Main Street atea

  21. Haskins Preserve?

  22. Shall I guess Sylvan Road North where I originally lived (further north)? This might be just past the wonderful Post House building at the corner of Sylvan and the Post road.

  23. Still no right answers!

  24. Wendy Crowther

    Partrick Wetlands?

    • Yes! Well done, Wendy. Very impressive. How did you know?

      • Wendy Crowther

        After reading the wrong guesses and then using your hint about developers eyeing it but unable to develop it (a clever hint because developers did build on some of it but only by agreeing to leave some of it undeveloped), I narrowed it down to Partrick Wetlands. Also, not ALL of the parcel is wetlands as many might suspect.

  25. White Barn Theatre Property on the Norwalk Westport line.

  26. Heidie McCarthy

    Deepwood Lane

  27. I’d love to know where this open spot is. Is it open to the public? It’s beautiful.

  28. Nicholas Eisenberger

    Is it the little preserve on the North Side of Greens’ Farms Rd between the Connector and Prospect?

  29. I hardly ever know the places (especially since I haven’t lived there for a long time – my memory is getting shot at this point) BUT I certainly enjoy’looking at them all – so very pretty WP is a beautiful place, and I do have many happy memories — one is having lunch at Gold’s with a
    friend from the pool after we finished our pool exercise – great food and always took a sandwich home for my husband!!
    Sandy Johnson