Photo Challenge #306

Most Photo Challenges show just a snippet of a building or other Westport scene. Readers figure out the big picture, from a very small one.

Last week’s challenge showed a very big picture” Michael Tomashefsky’s gorgeous fall image of woods, a river, and a picture-perfect bridge. (Click here to see.)

Normally, a photo like this would be easy to identify. But this was — as one reader called it — “the hidden bridge.” Another described it as “the bridge to nowhere.”

At one point, it probably led somewhere. But now it’s in the woods. It crosses the Aspetuck River near Lyons Plains Road, near the Coleytown Road fork.

Congrats to the “06880” readers who recognized it: Andrew Colabella, Rich Stein, Iain Bruce, Karen Como, Bill Coley, Bobbie Herman, Cheryl Mayer and Bill Shaner.

Bill Coley — yes, one of those Coleys — wrote:

I think it resulted from a repositioning of Lyons Plains Road to its current position. At the time it was probably decided that it was too expensive to tear down the old bridge.

I wonder how long ago the road was moved to its current location. It had to be well before the 1950’s. I remember going by it frequently in the late ’50s. The area was very overgrown even then. Possibly a WPA project during the Depression?

This week’s Photo Challenge may be less fair than usual. But in the words of Bill Gates: “Life is not fair. Get used to it.”

(Photo/Molly Alger)

8 responses to “Photo Challenge #306

  1. The ladies room in Fresh Market

  2. For sure it’s a ladies room somewhere!!!

  3. Would have been better without the tags. They are what draws your attention first not the flowers. But, beautiful!!!!

  4. Gloria Gouveia

    The Lady’s at Westport Town Hall. Must be an old photo.

  5. Gloria Gouveia

    On second thought – Lady’s at Trader Joe’s.

  6. Susan Iseman was both first and correct. It’s the ladies room at Fresh Market. Next week I may be fair to the guys, and post a urinal somewhere.

  7. I think your selection was unfair — you automatically excluded 50% of the population, in addition to those who don’t use the Ladies’ Room at Fresh Market. 😉

  8. I can’t answer the question, but your quote reminds me of something psychologist Albert Ellis would tell his patients–“Where did you ever get the idea life’s fair?”