Photo Challenge #305

Burying Hill Beach does not get many visitors.

But it sure gets a lot of love.

The small, sometimes eroding spit of sand, with its gentle (burying) hill and marshes separating it from Sherwood Island State Park, is a favored spot for all who know it.

In fact, someone painted “One Love” on the low wall near the entrance. That was the subject of Andrew Colabella’s image in last week’s Photo Challenge. (Click here to see.)

Bob Grant, Fred Cantor, Cheryl McKenna, Seth Schachter, Bruce Salvo, Ed Simek, Michael Calise, Arline Gertzoff, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Will Luedke and Amy Schneider all quickly identified the location.

If you did not recognize it — or have never been to Burying Hill Beach — what are you waiting for?!

This week’s Photo Challenge may be the most beautiful one ever. Michael Tomashefsky’s shot could be many places in Westport. But if you know exactly where you’d see this autumn scene, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #305

  1. Spectacular photo. That looks like it might be the bridge over North Ave near Coleytown Rd but, if that’s the case, I’m not sure just how Michael captured it this way. Again, just a fabulous photo.

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Hidden bridge over aspectuck river in the coleytown area by the Unitarian church.

  3. Stonebridge – Aspetuck Land Trust Property

  4. Used to go quite a bit until we got kicked off for bringing a small Weber grill and cooking dinner. Never went back. It’s shame because you’re right, it was a great spot for our small family Sunday afternoons. Moved from Westport since, but we have retained very fond memories.

  5. Michael Calise

    bridge over Saugatuck at Ford Road

  6. I agree 100% with Andrew seldom seen

  7. Coleytown, in the triangle formed by Lyon’s Plain & Coleytown Roads.

  8. I agree it’s the most beautiful photo! I think on the way to Unitarian church.

  9. The “bridge to nowhere” just east of Lyons Plains Road and just north of Coleytown Road

  10. Bobbie Herman

    The bridge near the Unitarian Church.

  11. It is indeed the “bridge to nowhere,” located off Lyons Plains Road near Coleytown Road and the Unitarian Church. I am sure at some point in history it did lead somewhere. Does anyone have the back story?

    • Here is some of the back story from a 2016 post on “06880” by Jeff Wilkins’ cousin, Noel Castiglia:

      Noel Castiglia | April 11, 2016 at 10:03 am |
      I believe the old bridge was built in 1899 and the new bridge in 1937 or 1940 there is a imprinted date in the new bridge. As a child I spent many hours on the old bridge fishing for sun fish, the occasional trout, perch and netting suckers during the Spring run from Dorr Mill pond. Next to the bridge shortly after the Castiglia farm at 50 Lyons Plains Road was built, our Grandfather Domenic took a shot from the back porch at deer near the bridge. A very long shot with his 1890 41caliber Swiss Army rifle, Surprise-Surprise with one shot two deer fell.. a 250 to 300 yard shot with open sites.. pretty lucky shot. Our family always allowed fishermen, hunters and picnickers to be on the property and when I visited the bridge I would often see people from NYC who drove up to picnic on the bridge and park on the old dirt road leading to the bridge.
      Just down the old dirt road which ran over Coleytown road parallel to Lyons Plains road was an old gravel bank. I remember Larry Roberts and I planted a “Time Capsule” when we were in Bedford Elementary. It was a wooden box we lined with old tin from tin cans to preserve the contents. Most of the contents was from the 1930’s and 1940’s. It is about 50 feet from Coleytown
      Road intersection with Lyons Plains Road. There was some tar from the old road there at the time but it was mostly dirt. and the box is less then a foot deep if it is still there.. a metal detector may even find it today.

  12. Ford Rd.

  13. Oh,
    That’s Lyons Plain, over the Aspetuck.
    My river of all rivers.
    We don’t get colors like that in Albuquerque.
    Cheryl Mayer

  14. I think it just resulted from a repositioning of Lyons Plains Road to its current position. At the time it was probably decided that it was too expensive to tear down the old bridge. I wonder how long ago the road was moved to its current location? It had to be well before the 1950’s – I remember going by it frequently in the late 50’s and the area was very overgrown even then. Possibly a WPA project during the Depression??

  15. This is the Aspetuck river off Easton road or Lyons plains rd

  16. Don’t know the back story but I know A story: After graduating from Northwestern, Todd Weeks (my son’s best friend from Staples ) married at that spot where they had often been during their time at Staples. -Beautiful spot, beautiful wedding- .

  17. Bridge over Saugatuck River at Ford Road, per Mike Calise.