Verizon: The Sequel

Two weeks ago, “06880” told Larry Weisman’s story.

He wanted to change cell phone providers, while retaining his same number.

It was much harder than it sounds.

The story did not end there. Larry writes:

I previously wrote about my unsettling experience with Verizon. When I switched from another carrier, they guaranteed I would retain the number I had for more than 10 years, only to change it without notice or authorization.

My contract with Verizon was for $30 a month. But I received a bill for $84.84 for the most recent billing period — although I used the phone for only 4 minutes.

After 45 minutes on the phone, I was told there was a charge for changing my number. In addition to the $30 monthly fee, there was another charge of $30 for line access — so my bill going forward would be $60 a month, not the $30 I signed up for.

Nowhere on the bill does it explain those charges.

I said ‘’Please cancel my contract.‘’ However, I was told I cannot cancel until November 25 — the end of the next billing cycle. That means that in addition to the $84.84 now due, I will be charged an additional $60.

If I were to pay these bills — which I have no intention of doing — it will have cost me almost $300 for the 3 months I have been with Verizon on a $30 monthly plan, during which time I used the phone for less than 15 minutes.

That does not even take into account the many hours I spent on hold and in the store — only to be told when I finally reached a live human being that there was nothing they could do to assist me.

This seems to be a clear case of corporate greed verging on piracy, lack of transparency, and an arcane system that has no regard for honest communication, responsibility or customer satisfaction.

Perhaps some “06880” readers would like to accompany me when I am summoned to Small Claims Court, after Verizon attempts to collect what they claim is owed.

It will be quite a show.

This is not Larry Weisman. But it could be.

18 responses to “Verizon: The Sequel

  1. No, that COULD NOT be Larry Weisman. 1-Larry would never present in front of anyone with that demeanor; 2-Larry has hair.

  2. Ernie Lorimer

    With that usage, you might be a candidate for a T-Mobile pay as you go plan. I have a $20 BLU soap phone (30 day battery life) on that plan for $3/month and 10 cents a minute. So for the same time you would have paid $10.50. No internet.

    I rarely use it, but it does give me free internet on Delta for my Project Fi phone.

  3. I suggest you sue them and have your lawsuit in excess of the Small Court maximum and then call every news outlet and alert them to your situation and court date. Your pain and suffering is something I can almost feel here in Maryland. False advertising is evident.

  4. I had a extremely frustrating experience with Verizon also. My monthly bill for 3 devices is $196! They have the WORST customer service ever. I want to write a letter to their CEO and marketing director.

  5. Jo Ann Davidson

    They picked on the wrong guy. Jo Ann Davidson

  6. My advice:

    1) go to old carrier and see if they can reinstate your number – once it’s reinstated you can either keep it there or port elsewhere in the future
    2) send an email directly to Ronan Dunne, EVP and Group CEO of Verizon Consumer –

    Good luck – we all feel for you.

  7. Gil Ghitelman

    Poor Larry. His confrontation parallels the experience I had with them a few years ago. As an ex-New Yorker I prided myself in being able to smell a scam at an incredible distance but was humbled by Verizon. When I began receiving the inflated bill I marched down to the Verizon store (opposite Stew Leonard) to confront the affable sales associate who no longer worked there. The manager examined my scribbled notes and ran me through a maze of nonsense. I had been had! For two years I was reminded monthly of what a schmuck I was.
    I wish Larry well but I’m sure Verizon has been down the small claims route so many times they’re probably on a first name basis with those folks.

  8. Larry Weisman

    Thanks to all those who sympathize and who have made helpful suggestions.

  9. Nancie Rinaldi

    And it looks like this is EVP CEO Ronan Dunne’s personal email:

    Also.. Verizon Chairman & CEO Hans Vestberg:

  10. Dan, seriously? Is your blog a chat room for billing issues with Verizon. I remember when it was about our town and community. I sympathize with Larry but will you post all of our billing grievances? I think my mom’s garbage collector (not in Westport) over-charged her last month!

  11. Recently have annoying mess with UPS swearing they delivered a TV (didn’t)— via Robot responses saying take it up with Best Buy — whose Customer Service is in the Philippines.

    Made a foam board sign, attached with duck tape to a yard stick, listing my 4 hour journey with no resolution.

    Marched in front of BB’s Norwalk store.

    20 minutes later, got an upgraded TV loaded into my car, got $70 off original model (small TV) and drove home. Did this curbside as I do not enter large enclosed stores.

    Always wanted to do this!!!!!

    Good luck Larry.=

  12. Hey Jack Singer, Take a deep breath. If you don’t like Dan’s choice of topics, you can quit 06880.

  13. You have to agree to the terms and plan. Pricing should be displayed. Something sounds off. Either didn’t read or someone is purposefully trying to pull a fast one. Also, I think you can cancel within 14 days for a refund if I remember correctly. You can login on vzw website and review your recurring charges. That said, Google’s pay as you go may be best for you.

  14. Perry -

    Hi, my name is perry, i’ve been with this company(verizon now) for over 20 years, i’ve had alot of trials and tribulations with this company also, the good thing about it is, you need to get in touch with the ceo of Verizon, they will fix it, when customer service can’t fix it i go to the top. VZW is the best cell phone carrier, when 911 hit NYC, if you didn’t have VZW you couldn’t make or get a call to anyone, I was the only one in my family at that time that had VZW, my children said when the lites come back on, they were going to VZW, and alot of my co-workers. Things will be okay, look up the CEO of VZW on the internet, send him an e-mail, you’ll get your issue resolved. I had a problem with ATT like that , I got it fixed, didn’t have to pay, if you need my help, email me.

  15. Sally-Anne Broderick

    Something seems unusual here.

    For one, Verizon no longer has contracts. For another, there is no plan on Verizon which charges you $30 for a single line. The lowest for flip phones is $35 with paperless billing and auto-pay and the lowest plan for smart phones is a limited data plan that sells for $55 a month under the same conditions.

    Was this a corporate store or a dealer franchise? Sounds to me like a dealer franchise which was outright deceptive. You should have been informed that there are no longer any contracts and that customer retention rather works based on payment plans.

    It also sounds like there were a number of communication issues. For one, “changing your number” is not the same as “porting” your number. If your number was not properly ported, then your service with the previous carrier would still be active. Furthermore you can perform a port request at any time, meaning that someone or a number of people on the telephone weren’t understanding that by “changing” your number to your old one you means “port” your number over.

  16. Never go to one of those commissions based retail stores… basic.

  17. John D. Gubernat

    Ha, ha , ha.

  18. Juliana Sloane Fulbright

    Altice is the way to go we pay $20 a month for a phone and all services and that’s it!!!! We used to have Verizon but it was too expensive and I have had no problems with Altice. But you have to have Optimum cable.