Ridin’ With Biden In Westport

The Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Memorial Bridge is Westport’s go-to site for political demonstrations, rallies and we-need-to-be-together times.

A few days ago several Trump supporters gathered there, with signs and banners.

Yesterday it was filled with about 70 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fans. Drivers jammed traffic, celebrating the president- and vice president-elect with cheers, car horns, thumbs-up and smiles.

Even kayakers on the river got into the fun.

Occasional dissent was heard. But it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the celebrants one bit.

Photographer J.C. Martin captured the day with these photos.

(All photos/J.C. Martin)

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  1. Great photos!

  2. Chris Washington

    Westport has highly educated residents, with plenty of attorneys included. The general public would be wise to educate themselves regarding elections and the process of declaring winners of presidential elections. In summary, the electoral college votes on December 14th. Congress meets on January 6th at 1:00 pm to declare the winners. The current celebration is based on “projection”.

    Please take time to read:

    FAQ: What happens next in the presidential election process? – National Constitution Center

    Chris Washington

  3. Celeste Champagne

    All true, but when have we ever waited until January 6 to celebrate what is clearly a win? Now is the hour.

  4. Chris Washington

    “Election Day was November 7 in the year 2000. The Supreme Court issued its opinion in Bush v. Gore on December 12, resolving the legal challenges.

    It took 36 days for the process to resolve one issue in one state.

    We are on day 5 with issues in at least 5 states.

    Buckle up.”

    • Russell Gontar

      What are the “issues” and what evidence has been provided to substantiate them?

      • Chris Washington

        Sidney Powell, former Federal prosecutor, explains some issues and evidence. Perhaps, start there.

          • Russell Gontar

            Thanks Fred. More unsubstantiated allegations. Who masterminded this? Trump or Rudy, the human bat?

        • Russell Gontar

          I did. Sidney Powell. One of Michael Flynn’s lawyers. Say, isn’t he on his way to jail for lying to the FBI?

          I also found this:

          “Powell, the lead attorney for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is helping Trump’s legal effort in the 2020 election, said on Sunday that people with links to top Democrats are using Dominion Voting Systems to commit “fraud” on elections. She did not present any evidence to support her claims”.

          When asked for evidence, you presented none. Just like Powell.

          • Chris Washington

            For sure! FYI: Keep your eyes and ears on SIDNEY POWELL.
            She is on fire with evidence coming in so fast, she actually compares it to the powerful rate of flow from a fire hose!
            Nothing can stop what is coming.

  5. Chris Washington

    The current celebrations are based on projection, not confirmation.

    As Americans, please take time to read, understand and explain to others:

    FAQ: What happens next in the presidential election process? – National Constitution Center:


  6. James Waldron

    Looks more like a photo-op to me? It includes all the proverbials; Tesla, bike rider, cool convertible people, and the kayakers w/out pfd’s.

  7. So James, were you unimpressed by the photography, or the subject matter?

  8. Kayakers… Where are the life jackets? It’s the law to wear them.

  9. Chris Washington

    Evidence is presented in court. Legal rulings and decisions need to be made before December 14, 2020.

    The Electoral College votes December 14.

    Congress meets January 6, 2021 to count the Electoral votes and declare the legal winners of the presidential election. (The confirmed legal winners, not the media projected winners).

    It’s that simple. Patience for the process.
    We all will eventually know the legal results of any court cases and the Presidential election.


    Please Read:


    • Chris Washington

      Correction: before December 8th.

    • Russell Gontar

      You asserted there were “issues” but specified none.

      So far, Trump’s legal maneuvers have him batting .000.

      I understand his legal challenges have no content and were written by someone who can barely write.

      Anytime you want to share a single, solitary issue that will result in overcoming a deficit of almost 4 million votes, well, we’re all ears.

  10. Chris Washington

    Very dramatic.

    The post you are referring to of mine is actually a quote from a constitutional attorney explaining Bush/Gore from 2000. I do not know what 5 current issues that attorney is speaking of today. My purpose in that post was to provide an example of a past delay of confirming the president-elect. I did so, as a reply to the question previous to my post. I am waiting, as others, for any disputes to be resolved in court. To be clear I am not an attorney; I do not claim issues. I am an average American attempting to peacefully and respectfully exchange information on 06880. This is actually my first time posting on 06880. Mr. Woog monitors these posts. I wonder what his guidelines state for expression of opinions on his blog?

    To Mr. Woog and all readers, please enjoy the beautiful day outside today!
    I know I will.

    Chris Washingtom

  11. Chris Washington

    An Interesting Development:

    “RealClearPolitics withdrew Joe Biden’s president-elect status Monday night after stripping him of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

    RCP reversed Biden’s win in Pennsylvania bringing him back down below the 270 threshold to 259 electoral votes. Although some sources argue that Real Clear Politics never called Pennsylvania to begin with, in the Presidential race.”

    This is exactly the reason to have patience waiting for legal certification of declaring winners of presidential elections. The media does not decide who the president-elect is. In America, presidents are elected through a free and fair constitutional process. Again, please read the link information I provided in my previous posts.

    Biden/Harris 259 Trump/Pence 214

    Chris Washington

    • Please stop spreading lies. RCP says that they never “called” Pennsylvania and therefore never flipped. Dishonesty is not a good look and this is un-American and damaging to our country.

      • Chris Washington

        Yes, agreed, the quote does mention that exact phrase.

        The spreading of lies was massively accomplished by the main stream media, as we all know now. (Please view the live election results of RCP, link provided, in a separate post). Obviously, the media chose to ignore Real Clear Politics and instead report their own, premature, incorrect election result. They even fooled Biden/Harris.

        Yes, it is extremely un-American and damaging to our great country and its citizens to neglect truthful reporting and educating the general public regarding the election process. Shameful and shocking.
        We must take it upon ourselves to learn and inform others.


  12. Chris Washington
  13. Chris Washington

    FYI: Keep your eyes and ears on SIDNEY POWELL.
    She is on fire with evidence coming in so fast, she actually compares it to the powerful rate of flow from a fire hose.


  14. For a clear and succinct report and analysis of ongoing trump legal actions see the Financial Times reporting. Case is described fully: Relief being sought, current status, number of ballots at issue based upon the plaintiff’s complaint, (link to complaint provided) and in some cases, the order of the court.


    In the recent PA Supreme Court case, Rudy Giulian argued his first court case in 30 years, appearing pro hac vice after two appearing firms withdrew

    The court ruled against the trump campaign in a 5-2 decision.


    Not sure what happens going forward. Hopefully you will post any court victories achieved by Sidney Powell, if they occur.

  15. Chris Washington

    Next stop: Supreme Court. Rulings need to be decided by December 8th.

    • Newsmax… always a reliable source.

      (Unfortunately, RCP, which has always been a great consolidator of polling information, now is linking to fringe websites that promote right-wing conspiracies, too.)

      I think that Westport’s elected Republicans should be asked to state their positions on Republican attempts to use political power to reverse the election results as well as undermining confidence in the results in the 99.9% likelihood that the results will hold.

      I hope that the people trying to obliterate our democratic norms for the sake of partisan politics are charged with sedition.

  16. Chris Washington

    America Is a Republic, Not a Democracy | The Heritage Foundation


    • I didn’t say we did. I noted the attacks on our democratic norms.

      Being pedantic doesn’t really make any point, dipshit.

  17. Chris Washington

    I agree; treason will be the verdict.

  18. Chris Washington

    Please take time to read:

    FAQ: What happens next in the presidential election process? – National Constitution Center

  19. Chris Washington

    The election results have not been legally declared, so the term reversal is not applicable. America does not have results yet. The media does not decide the president-elect. Winners have not yet been legally certified.

    Simple. We all must have patience waiting for results, and then accept them.
    We would be wise to educate ourselves and then share our knowledge with others.

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