Pic Of The Day #1298

Compo Beach pavilion (Photo/Rowene Weems)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1298

  1. Nice photo. Congrats

  2. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Looks like a Beautiful Painting.:-)

  3. Lee Ann Bollert


  4. Nice! I’ve always thought this structure had many possibilities for pictures and this is a fine example. The colors are all compatible, even a bit of red, and the horizon is level. The scene could also be a stage setting for some performers – dancers, cyclists, musicians – but I’m happy to see it as a pleasing, semi-abstract composition.

  5. Wow. One of the best pics posted in a very long time. Wonderful colors and contrast and composition.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    Peter, yes—a beautiful space for a creative endeavor, especially musical. The acoustics could be lovely. Know any cello players?!