Roundup: RBG Vigil, Paving Project, Teen Photo Contest, More

Tomorrow night — as Americans pay respect to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Washington — the Unitarian Church will honor her here.

The outdoor vigil begins at 7 p.m. (Thursday, September 24). Guests can bring a candle in a mason jar, an RBG quote, or a story to share.

Masks are required. If you feel safer in your car, you’re invited to stay there.

Children are invited to be part of this memory-making event too.

Artwork courtesy of Stephen Goldstein.

If you live on a few local roads, you’re in luck. Starting tomorrow, Westport’s Public Works Department will begin paving:

  • Ellery Lane
  • Ambler Road
  • Main Street
  • Myrtle Avenue
  • Reichert Circle
  • Dover Road
  • Janson Drive
  • Janson Court
  • Harborview Road
  • Meeker Road
  • Crestwood Road
  • Coleytown Road
  • Old Hill Farms Road
  • Winding Lane

The Westport Library’s 8th annual Teen Photography Contest has an apt theme: “Together Apart.”  

It’s open to all Fairfield County residents in grades 6 -12. Renowned photographer Pamela Einarsen is the judge.

Click here to enter. The deadline is October 30. So there’s plenty of time for young photographers to take photos — alone or together, but of course apart.

The Richmondville Avenue Mill building is being renovated. Offices will be converted to condos. Michael Pearl was there, and warns: “Beware of flying doors!”

(Photo/Michael Pearl)

And finally … Bruce Springsteen turns 71 today. There were only a zillion songs I could have chosen, to honor one of my favorite artists and human beings. This one made it to the top. (Hat tip: Amy Schneider)

13 responses to “Roundup: RBG Vigil, Paving Project, Teen Photo Contest, More

  1. Will the vigil for RBG be at the Unitarian Church? On Thursday night?

  2. ok – i try to avoid needless controversy but this has gone to far. Highlighting Dancing in the Dark for a Springsteen tribute is like doing a doing a story on McDonald’s and focusing on their apple pies. Overly sweet and they have always been a bad idea.

    • John D. McCarthy

      Yet every now and then an apple pie from McDonald’s hits the spot. Dancing in the Dark won’t make any fan’s top 75 Bruce list, but still, it has grown on me. Same thing with Hungry Heart. Maybe nostalgia?

  3. Arthur Klausner

    Love ya, Dan, but should have gone with “The Rising.”

  4. Thanks for the vigil shout-out. The Unitarian Church of Westport is a long-standing place of liberal thinking, caring for others, and supporter of civil rights. Our BLM banner was there before it was popular, and has been replaced 3 times because of theft or defacing.

    Check out our Facebook page, and weekly streaming service.

  5. Roseann Spengler

    Dancing in the Dark, also on my top ten. Got me up on my feet! Thanks.

  6. Dermot Meuchner

    Better yet, it’s John Coltrane’s birthday. A Love Supreme is appropriate today.

  7. Thunder Road, anyone? The best song ever, period. Or something more appropriate to the times like This Hard Land, The Ghost of Tom Joad, or Land of Hope and Dreams?