Roundup: General Wesley Clark, Odd Photo, Flipstand, More

The pandemic has not been good to the Westport Library. Just a few months after its grand transformation, it’s had to curtail hours, programs and services.

But there’s an upside. With virtual programs, it can offer access to speakers who otherwise could never travel for a live appearance. (And whose honorariums are far beyond the library’s budget too.)

One of the biggest names of all “comes to Westport” on Thursday, October 1 (6;30 p.m.). General Wesley Clark — the 4-star general. former NATO Supreme Allied commander and Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree who since retiring from the military in 2000 has become a businessman, commentator, author, teacher and presidential candidate — will discuss the need for American leadership, civility and unity during these polarized times.

Last year, Clark created a nonprofit aimed at reducing partisan division and gridlock.

Click here to register for the free event.

General Wesley Clark

The New York Times home page includes — among links to dozens of articles — a rotating gallery of photos. They have nothing to do with the stories, and offer no explanatory text.

Yesterday, “06880” readers noticed this shot:

What’s up with that? What’s going on? Where was it taken? Huh?!

If you know the back story to this shot, click “Comments” below. Inquiring minds want to know! (Hat tips: Drew Coyne and Tracy Porosoff)

Longtime Westporter John Rizzi is multi-talented and creative.

Early in his career, he was Cannondale’s first industrial designer. He’s got a new company — Utilitarian Products — to develop useful, beautiful, well-priced ideas.

We are excited to introduce you to our new company, Utilitarian Products.

The first — Flipstand — is a simple lightweight bike stand. It weighs only 18.5 grams, and is far better than kickstands weighing much more.

A Kickstarter campaign launches Tuesday (September 22). Click here to see.


I grew up on High Point Road. I know how many drivers barrel past this stop sign on Long Lots Road, headed toward Hyde Lane (and all the traffic, and little kids, from Long Lots Elementary School).

So I was intrigued at this photo. Looks like some residents of my old road — many of whom have young kids — have taken matters into their own hands.

It’s advice that can be heeded all over town.

(Photo/Ed Simek)

And finally … my tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I think the choice of group and song is appropriate.

11 responses to “Roundup: General Wesley Clark, Odd Photo, Flipstand, More

  1. Luisa Francoeur

    Love, love, love the song ! And it was fascinating to see the orchestra used for this “pop” song. Ahh, Motown…..

  2. Marisa Lambert

    Christian Siriano, a Westport resident, held a fashion show for his Soring libe here in Westport. Bravo!!

  3. This looks like a photo from Christian Siriano’s fashion show. We’re so fortunate to have his talent in our midst!

  4. That NY Times photo (showing the model in the “VOTE” dress) actually comes from a different Times story that same day, about how designer Tom Ford decided to host his fashion show at his own home in Westport!

    • Oh sorry… Christian Siriano is the homeowner, not Tom Ford! Looks like a bunch of us responded simultaneously!

  5. Joyce Hergenhan

    Perfect choice of song .. and group .. to honor RBG. Brilliant, actually.

  6. I remember that stop sign being ignored and I haven’t been in Westport for years! May I suggest the NASTIEST speed bump on earth about 6 feet from it! May I also suggest a camera. Where I live there are cameras all over the place.

  7. Tracy Damianos

    The stop sign in Compo Common/ the old gravel pit @ the corner of Gault and Wheeler Gate is just as bad. Gault is used as a cut thru from Compo to Imperial, seemingly to avoid the Compo-Bridge St light, on the way to the train station. I would BEG of the Wstpt PD to patrol this stop sign, it’d b a good payday for the Town of Wstpt AND the safety of the future generation of Westporters

  8. I bought a bike in 1984 and got a Flick Stand. It was great and I’ve been looking high and low for one for my current bikes. I’m glad John Rizzi is working on this concept and hope he’s done his Patent research because this has been done before. Sign me up to buy two as soon as he’s in production.