Pics Of The Day #1251

For decades, the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge has been the site of political protests. Every Saturday morning since early summer, a group assembles there. Their message: “Black Lives Matter.” They are greeted more often than not with honks and thumbs-up signs. This was a recent scene.

(Photo collage/ Rowene Weems)

5 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1251

  1. Charles Taylor

    These pictures remind me of why I love Westport the lessons I learned On The racial equality struggles during my Staples years. I grew up in a very segregated county in western Kentucky! Moving to Westport in 1958 opened my eyes to the equality movement. Although my family employed people of color and treated them with respect many families didn’t have the same attitudes. Thank you again Westport and Staples in particular for grounding me in civil rights!

  2. Peter Mihalick

    Westport should promote equality first by offering to provide free lunch for all public school kids no matter what financials their family has. Affluent families pay top-bracket federal tax, state tax, property tax while their kids are not qualified for a “free” lunch. That makes people think what “racial equality” really means.

  3. 1.2% African Americans live in Westport. So let’s listen to Westporters on equality and racism. Wake the hell up and get out of your bubble. A bunch of hypocrites.

  4. Linda Pomeratnz Novis

    Great photos!
    Agree ,that Bridge has always been a place for peaceful protests and
    so glad to see this still happening in Westport. 🙂