Unsung Hero #156

Like many 6-year-olds, Tess Hinojos loves to dress up and play pretend.

One of her favorite costumes is a police officer. The other day, as she and her mom Hilary were on a walk, an actual Westport Police Department cop drove by.

Tess waved. He waved back, and kept driving.

A few minutes later, he pulled up next to the pair. Officer Shawn Booth stepped out of his car, and handed Tess and her brother Julian “official Junior Westport Officer” badges.

Junior Westport Police Officer Tess Hinojos.

“Tess couldn’t have been more thrilled,” Hillary says.

“We are so fortunate to live in a town with such an exceptional and kind police force. Thanks for making her day, Officer Booth!”

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6 responses to “Unsung Hero #156

  1. Bill Mitchell

    Love this story thanks

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  2. Nice story.

  3. Two thumbs up for Officer Booth.

  4. Mary Moltumyr

    So cute.

  5. Carmine Picarello

    As a child in Westport, we were taught to trust and respect our Police and fire fighters. That was easy because they lived among us and many were close family friends and extended family too. That personal connection still works. Thank you Foti and Officer Booth. I was so privileged to live amongst these people.

  6. Chuck Greenlee

    Great story. Some good people and great cops in this town!