Pic Of The Day #1221

First, the Maple Avenue North homeowners hung a large Trump flag in their yard.

Then, says 2015 Staples High School graduate Noa Wind, her friend flew a Biden pennant.

The first family countered with another Trump flag — this one reading “No More Bullshit.”

People slow down to take pictures all day long, Noa says. And, she adds, “it will be a great touch” when kids start heading back to Long Lots Elementary School.

(Photo/Noa Wind)

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  1. Jack Backiel

    The Stahursky brothers live in that house. I’ve known them all my life. In the 1950s, I lived three houses down from them. They still farm the property. They have to be in their 80s by now.

    • Jack Backiel

      Bernie and Johnny are their names and they worked for years at the Slez & Benos garage next to the Clam Box. I find it out of character that they’d do something like that. They’re very nice people. My grandmother actually knew their mother more than a100 years ago in Poland.

  2. What confuses by is how people can’t see the dangers of the Trump presidency, but maybe your column should stay out of politics, I love it so much that I don’t want you to get in any, even good, trouble.

  3. Leslie Riback

    Profanity is never acceptable. What kind of example are they setting and how do we explain that to our children?

    • Trying to understand why Cardi B sings a song about WAP and also gets to interview Joe Biden? Try explaining that to your kids. Let’s just all be honest…they don’t make Presidents like they did in the good ole days.

    • I can’t condone a sign with swearing. However, all I can say is don’t judge these two guys, both in their 80s, by one sign. These are solid individuals and I can vouch for them. They’re people who go to church and still farm their land at their advanced age. They’ve turned down millions of dollars, by many different developers, who wanted to buy their farmland.

      • If these are fine individuals, Jack, what, in your mind, constitutes individuals who are not so fine. How is it that folks who are “fine”, have “fine” values and a “fine” morale compass can support a President who has come close to trashing our democratic republic and, if given four more years, will, in fact have trashed it?

      • Outrageous! 2 farmers using the term Bullshit!

  4. A friend told me about a farm stand on North Maple and despite living in Westport since 1974 had never heard of it.We have gone a few times and noticed the sign. I wanted to ask him why he supported Trump but decided not to. I wouldn’t think the sign would be good for business . Their stand is like a step back in time. A simple table with a small scale and their veggies.I remember Rippe’s Farm on the Post Road and used to stop at a little stand on North Ave after refereeing A game at Staples and pickup the best corn and tomatoes.

    • Tom, They don’t need the money. They farm because they love to farm. I stopped in there three summers ago to buy some vegetables and Bernie wouldn’t take my money. He gave me all the vegetables for free and said, “ I can’t take money from an old farmer like you.” Tom, the land is worth millions! They’re doing this because they love farming. Trust me. They don’t need to work!

  5. they are children of immigrants from Poland – so in Trump’s eyes they aren’t real Americans. Cannot one see the irony here?

    • Frank, It’s like my grandfather’s story. He left Poland in 1903. Never learned to read or write. He never became a US citizen. He never took a vacation. All he did was farm. He gave each of his 8 children an acre of land in Westport to build a house. Then the other 7.2 acres he bought in 1917 for $5,000 dollars, we sold for about 6.7 million in 1983. The farmers on North Maple and my family have similar backgrounds.

      • Thanks Jack for sharing the story. It is a living proof of the kind of opportunities this great country can offer. Now we have a President who is so anti-immigrant, who is pulling the ladder away from those who are seeking the American dream. However, some of his most ardent supporters are in effect immigrants and children of immigrants. It is so ironic, isn’t it?

        • Frank, What I will say is that a sign with swearing should not be displayed. These two brothers never married, never had children, and lived in that house their whole lives and they are somewhere in their 80s. You could walk up to them with a six million dollar check and they wouldn’t sell the farm! They are hard working decent people. That’s all I can tell you.

        • Louise Demakis

          Frank, the American land has been claimed so “American dream” is far different from before. Love and support is unconditional, just like the way we treat our own children. If your children aren’t doing what you wish for and yet have your support, would you call that “ironic”?

          • Thanks Louise. The irony is in the eyes of the beholder. Biting the hand that feeds one is ironic. Kissing the hand that slaps one would also be ironic. Don’t you think so?

        • Why do many immigrants support Trump? Because they know socialism will doom America. They know socialism always starts from everything should be “equal”, at the end everybody goes to bottom. They ran away from socialism. They come here for capitalism, for law and order, for American dream.

          • Your ignorance, Mr. Wang, is so palpable, so deep and so complete, that your comment is not worth even rebutting, because you’d not comprehend a single part of it.

            • That is all you can say? Stand on the moral high ground and accuse all the people from other side ignorance. I am glad you did not accuse me racist, xenophobia, sexist….really good way to make people silent.

  6. It figures the trump supporters would resort to using inappropriate language near an elementary school. Must be really classy people. Hope we don’t see them in front if their house with automatic weapons if someone protests

    • Jack Backiel

      Peter, I can vouch for them. They are nice people.( Also, I want to clear up that my maternal grandmother knew their mother in Poland.) Bernie and Johnny go to church every Sunday and have been Westport residents their whole lives, and lived in that house their entire lives. I think you’re making some assumptions about them for one sign. My grandfather’s brother, Paul Backiel, owned the property next to them and owned and farmed the entire property now Hunt Club Lane.

      • Don’t judge a book by its cover is something I guess we all forget at times. We that said the might very well be nice people but why throw gas on the fire. Displaying such with its inappropriate language near a elementary school will surely ignite neighbors as well as parents

  7. Any sign with the name TRUMP on it is swearing enough for a lifetime. Taking in vain the words decency, honesty and justice.

    • Melinda Hemson

      Dan, people like you are the problem with this country. You judge people on their beliefs rather than their character. So what if they support Trump? It has been stated over and over by someone who knows these people well that they are good, decent people. Had they never hung the flag, you would have never known what their political affiliation is and I guarantee you would not spew such hatred towards them. That says more about you than it does them.
      All I’m saying is, back in my day, people could have different opinions and still get along. You are a shining example of how the divide in this country happened.

      • You may be correct, Ms. Hemson.

      • Oh Melinda you so wrong. Sorry you can’t see that Dan just reports and does not judge. Although I do and that is my right

      • Amen Melissa. I was raised in a JFK dem classical liberal household starting out in Westport. However, family and friends from “the other side” always had a place in our home and at our table. There were some lively and civil discussions at times but always with mutual respect. I cannot stand what is going on from either side, frankly. We have to find ways to unite. Name calling, accusations, violence, from anyone isnt healing our country. Why can’t we bring back more civility and work together? We won’t have a country left until we learn to do this right.

  8. Years ago, Diane Farrel, (our First Selectwomen at the time), requested that the town residents provide a list of 3 changes that they would like to see in the town. My list included, increasing the sidewalks around the schools and town so that children didn’t have to walk in the road. That suggestion got an overwhelming positive response. Naturally, I like to think the seed I planted had something to do with all the great new sidewalks we now have. Bad language is offensive to me whenever I see, or hear it. My issue is how “Tone-Deaf” must you be to display a flag with the word BullS*** on it in front of where grade school children walk? Shame on you!

    • Gregory Rossford

      That’s exponentially tamer than what most these kids see and hear nowadays with their phones and tablets on YouTube and across the internet. Perhaps you liberals should go study the United States constitution. An individual has every right to express their beliefs and opinions. If you don’t like it then look the other way.

  9. Kevin Ferrara

    If all it takes to get people to slow down on my street is a politically charged flag, sign me up.

  10. Jacques Voris

    Jack Backiel, how are you related to Frank Backiel who used to work for my grandfather, Homer Mills?

    • Jack Backiel

      Frank Backiel was my father’s first cousin. My grandfather’s brother was named Paul Backiel and Frank was his son.

    • Jack Backiel

      I remember a Billy Mills. Maybe he was born in the mid 1940s. He might have been friends with my cousin, Mike.

  11. René Fontaine

    Some things speak for themselves … or as the old saying goes ” Water rises to its own level”. Then I say “This fall then we MUST change the tides”!

  12. Dolores Citarella

    It amazes me that so many can condemn without the true facts .Check the flag yourself. None have added how these brothers have taken care of church property for years gratis, how they spent their lives taking care of their parents and both were in the service during WWII risking their lives. This is what our country has turned into. Too many people who just spew hatred for anyone who does not think the same as them. No tolerance and if anyone disagrees just beat them down. Their sin is in expressing their views. They fought for that right. Did you? And if they are so wrong why don’t you move out of safe Westport and into a real learning experience like Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc. Further, to intimate that they have or would threaten anyone with weapons is just plain wrong. They are peace loving citizens. And by the way, if your children are being able to go back to school on a regular basis, congratulations because many are being kept at home while their parents are forced to stay home to educate them themselves. We don’t all have Nannies.

    • First I do not sprew hate for these two men. I just feel their views could have been expressed in a more appropriate way. Just how I know the BLM protesters didn’t need to burn and loot!
      You mentioned these men served in WWII Really? Check your facts on that one!
      I’m not a republican nor a Democrat liberal or progressive but I do know right from wrong and will hold my values dear, and I have served.

    • Jack Backiel

      I’m not sure about their military service, but their mother did live in the house and they took care of her until almost age 100. Another outstanding sibling has worked at the Westport Public library for many years. Her name is Bertha, and like her brothers, you couldn’t find a nicer person!

      • Peter Mihalick

        You made a statement that most would know could not be true, should we believe the rest? I tend to believe that these men are good people and just let a decision made in retaliation rule their action.
        Enough said I’m done with this!

        • If they’re in their 80s, which I’m sure they are since I’m 73, they probably didn’t go into the service during WWII. Also, you know Bertha Matis from the Westport Public Library, then you’ll know the type of family they are! She’s the best of the best!

          • I checked voter registration, Bernie Stahursky is 87. Bertha Matis, his sister, may or may not still work at the library. The guy is 87 and still farms and sells vegetables while sitting on property worth millions.

  13. Bernard Stahursky

    I want to set the record straight…
    I am a native of a Westport family of 10 with 5 veterans including myself and my brother John who attended and witnessed the American Flag fly over the capital and for free speech. I also graduated from Staples high school three buildings ago. Back then it was just a plain brick building with no air conditioning, any electronics, or WiFi internet. Unlike the modern day Staples with all new technology, marble floors, electronic equipment, etc. The glare from the electronics must be doing something to the kids eyes causing them to be unable to read. To the staples graduate of 2015 who’s apparently illiterate and can’t read what the flag says, it clearly says no more bullshi with the letter T covered so the grammar kids couldn’t read it so if they choose they can ask their parents what it means. To that Staples graduate who voiced their complaint over the flag, feel free to come over and take a closer look for yourself. Also all the people who have made comments can drive by but be sure to adhere to the 25mph speed limit and not do the 35-45 that most of you do. Cars speed throughout the day around this street so be careful. To all of you this isn’t political, rather, it’s about the wording on the flag with the T covered. All of this commotion over a flag that is my first amendment right. I suggest you all fly your own flag that you wish to and keep your views to yourself. To all who made comments, please get your facts correct. Put your brain in gear before you open your mouth and spew nonsense. An apology would be nice but I doubt that will happen from most of you people.

    Jackie thanks for the support. I didn’t think we had bad people like this in Westport. Thank you for the alert. All from an issue that stems from a covered T on a flag, I’m now being slandered an immigrant terrorist and that I guard my property with automatic weapons. These people are sick idiots. What zoo or hospital did they escape from? Hale Brooke closed, must be leftovers.


    Probably will get noise complaints of horn blowing and thumbs up when outside.

    Jackie, don’t respond to these sock people anymore. My first and last visit on this site! Case closed.

    • Peter Mihalick

      Bernard you may or may be reading this but you have some anger management issues . It’s obvious by the way you call others sick and other trumpish words. Your not the only one who served his country and others have 1st amendment rights as well. So in short your no one special.

      • Jack Backiel

        Ummm… You guys were wrong! The word you all went crazy over isn’t even a word. The non word is “bullshi.” You owe Bernie an apology! You accused him of profanity that school kids would read, and you were wrong. There was NO profanity! There was no word! And to the last comment, Bernie has every right to be mad. You made a mistake. The letter “T” wasn’t on the sign!

        • Jack Backiel

          I want to start reading the apologies by those who accused Bernie and Johnny of posting a sign with profanity that school children would read while walking to school. You need to apologize because you were WRONG!! There was NO PROFANITY and in one of my earlier comments I said it would be out of character for them to post profanity and I was RIGHT!!

          • Jack Backiel

            By the way, Peter, I just noticed your last name of Mihalick. Are you related to Sandy Mahalick, who used to live on South Turkey Hill Road? My whole family were good friends with him and his wife. I think the spelling of your last name is the same as his.

  14. Susan Parise Manus

    Leave John and Bernie alone. The sign did not complete the word so get over it. I am an old Westporter and I watched my town change when all the non conservative types started moving in and the change was not Necessarily for the better. Gone was our quaint, conservative town.
    Trust me, as a mother and grandmother, your kids have seen and heard much worse from their friends and most likely from their own parents. I have known the Stahursky family for over 65 years. So Please leave two wonderful, hard working, up standing true Westporters alone, they did nothing wrong. In fact, show some respect for the elderly!
    Go John and Bernie – we stand by you!
    PS – Just finished reading many of the comments. Dan I am sorry for the way you have been treated. The comments are a perfect example of the type of people who have taken over our beautiful, conservative town.

  15. The Trump sign is TERRIBLE, and being across from a school makes it worse! This must stop!

  16. Natalie, I am curious to know, why you are so against this sign?