Unsung Hero #156

Lawrence Weisman writes:

I want to pay tribute to the generosity of Bernie Izzo, of Izzo & Son Country Gardens.

For the past 2 years Bernie has contributed truckloads of plantings and design services to create gardens at The Fairfield County House in Stamford, a non-profit facility providing compassionate end-of-life care to Fairfield County residents.

Bernie Izzo

Without expectation of publicity or compensation, Bernie has unhesitatingly donated and delivered material, and the services of his staff, to create several gardens on the property.

This year a landscape architect specified an extensive list of plants, grasses and flowers. Bernie sourced it all. He bought, stored and cared for the material until he had everything that was specified, Then he had it loaded onto 2 trucks and taken to the house, where it was planted in designated locations.

Earlier, when the house first opened, Bernie designed and supplied the original landscaping and foundation plantings and installed it — all without charge.

The Fairfield County House would not be where it is without Bernie Izzo.

12 responses to “Unsung Hero #156

  1. Tom Feeley Sr

    Great guy ‼️👍🏼🇺🇸

  2. Kathryn Sirico

    Bernie Izzo always was and is a “Standup” guy!

  3. And Larry knows this because he, too, is a hero!

  4. Frannie Southworth

    I don’t know Bernie but this is a beautiful story. Wonderful to hear about kindness and generosity!!!!

  5. Jack Backiel

    I remember Bernie from his business across from the golf range, during the 1960s and 1970s. He was friendly with my father, John. I remember him as a great guy.

  6. Leslie Riback

    Thank you Bernie!

  7. Celeste Champagne

    WOW! A big thanks and salute to Bernie Izzo! So great to see this story.

  8. Izzo Sr. Has always been a good man for as long as I have known him… recognition well deserved

  9. Caryl Beatus


  10. Char Valante

    Bernie is always so incredibly generous to so many causes! He has such a big heart.

  11. Sally Palmer

    A well deserved shout out Butchie!

  12. Louise Demakis

    Bernie is amazing, not only is he so generous, but he has also been known to plant annual Palm Trees on Compo Beach as well.