Pics Of The Day #1209

Two views of Westport, 4 days after tropical storm Isaias rolled through town:

The National Guard rolls in on Greenlea Lane …  (Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

… and Ellen Wentworth took this intriguing view of Jesup Green today, while enjoying a cool breeze (and the Westport Library’s WiFi)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1209

  1. Hi Dan! Hope you are safe and well! We moved to town recently… and I hear that you love capturing the beautiful stories and moments about Westport!

    Here is one for you: my husband and I and our two little ones picked up an amazing lunch from Rye Ridge Deli today. Finally made it to Campo beach and realized we have way too much to carry with one trip from the car to the beach. My husband ran and dropped off few of the bags and ran back to the car to grab more and grab me and the boys! All of this happened within 60 seconds and Campo Seagulls !!!!! ☺️ Rookie move on our part… feasted on ALL of our lunch. My husband went back to Rye Ridge to get us lunch again as the kids were starving … and guess what Rye Ridge comp’ed him the whole lunch. I mean… the gesture! We were so beyond touched – I texted my friend Lisa (Newman) telling her what a great choice we made moving here and she said you have to email Dan!

    Anyways.. nice to meet you, keep up the amazing work!

    Rose Philip


    • Welcome to Westport. And believe me, after COVID and Isaias are over, you will REALLY enjoy this place. Thanks for sharing this great story.