Roundup: Mid-Afternoon, Day 3…

A press release from town officials says:

Eversource has deployed its “Make Safe” crew as of 6 this morning, so progress is expected on blocked roadways. The town Department of Public Works has initiated the cleanup of trees and debris, and many previously impassable roads are now clear. Emergency access is prioritized.

Here’s what some of Westport still looks like, 72 hours after Isaias struck. This is on Charcoal Hill Road. (Photo/Pat Blaufuss)

  • Police are aware of the signal light outages at high traffic intersections and are making efforts to monitor them as power continues to be restored. Temporary signage and other warning devices have been deployed as equipment inventory allows in the areas determined to be of greatest need. However, please understand that the Police Department cannot safely or effectively provide personnel to manually direct traffic at all of the main intersections. Attempting to do so only creates more traffic back up and further disruption. Motorists should continue to proceed through intersections with caution and obey temporary signage where posted. Please allow extra time to reach your intended destination to account for increased traffic on our roadways.
  • AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless teams have been working around the clock to restore cellular service in Westport. Last night, Verizon successfully deployed a spot cell at the Compo beach area.  AT&T has deployed a mobile cell tower at the Police Station. Many of the surrounding cell sites are back on line.

·         The charging station is currently down at the Senior Center. Charging stations and WiFi can be accessed at the rear of Town Hall (110 Myrtle Avenue via access through St. John’s Place) and the Westport Weston Health District (180 Bayberry Lane) in addition to WiFi access at the Library (20 Jesup Road).

·         Non-potable water filling stations are available at all fire houses.

The Verizon mobile hot spot, near the Compo Beach skate park. (Photo/Matt Murray)

Rizzuto’s has rented a 175kw generator. They and the Lobster Shack are open from 4 to 9:30 p.m. today for takeout and dine-in. Their phones and internet are out, so you can’t order ahead. No problem — both restaurants are well worth the trip!

Also open with a generator: Gold’s. They’re there until 4 p.m. today (or until they run) — same thing tomorrow. Certain items only, of course. They too have no phone, no internet and no power. Old school!

Gold’s is pure gold!

Looking for fresh food — and want to buy local?

Check out Belta Farms, on Bayberry Lane!

(Photo/Ellen Wentworth)

This crew arrived from Nova Scotia. They spent a few hours in the Unitarian Church parking lot, and have now started working. Thanks, Canada — good thing the border was opened for them!

(Photo/Barbara Murray)

11 responses to “Roundup: Mid-Afternoon, Day 3…

  1. Jordan Lewis

    Dan, thanks for these updates. I feel like real progress is about to made! Westport locals; keep the updates coming.

  2. Susan Iseman

    Amazing (and frightening) are the drivers who zooooom through Post Road intersections and don’t even slow down. BTW, If you’re trying to get to downtown Fairfield, it’s bumper to bumper traffic.

  3. Catherine Calise

    Everyone should smile and give these hard workers a thumbs up when you see them!! Show them how much we appreciate their efforts!!
    I have been doing that and they respond with huge smiles. 😊

  4. Isn’t today Day 4? I hope?

  5. Thanks Dan for all the updates!

    Looks like the town needs to significantly increase its inventory of temporary stop signs as there are far too few in place for an emergency situation of this magnitude.

  6. Thanks Dan for all the updates!

    Looks like the town needs to significantly increase its inventory of temporary stop signs as there are far too few in place for an emergency situation of this magnitude.

  7. Wendy Cusick

    Westport has a confirmed tornado according the National Weather Service.
    EF1 touched down at around140pm Tuesday.
    Estimated maximum wind speeds 95 to 105mph
    Third tornado for the State of Connecticut Sharon and Falls Village were hit Sunday.

    • Scott Pecoriello (Staples High School grad) provided the important info for the NWS to confirm. I’ll have details about this tomorrow.

  8. Wendy Cusick

    Here’s the official statement from National Weather Service via eweather on Facebook