Unsung Hero #154

In late March — right after COVID-19 struck — there was a shortage of masks and personal protective gear for first responders.

The Westport Library collaborated with partner MakerSpaces in the region — Fairfield County Makers Guild in Norwalk; Make Haven in New Haven; Danbury Hacker Space — to develop face shields for medical workers in hospitals.

Westport’s effort was led by Mike Altis. He’s worked part-time in the MakerSpace since its inception 8 years ago.

Michael Altis

Each Maker Space printed separate pieces of the face shields. Mike was responsible for printing the headband pieces on the library’s 2 best 3D printers, along with other critical connective pieces.

So far, the team of MakerSpaces has distributed 310 face shields and masks. The primary beneficiary is medical personnel at Norwalk Hospital.

“Mike really is an unsung hero,” says Westport Library executive director Bill Harmer.

“He’s never once bragged about his role in this effort, or called attention to himself. He’s a role model for others. He is dependable, professional, and puts service above self. He makes things happen. I’m proud to have him on my staff.”

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2 responses to “Unsung Hero #154

  1. Mark L Yurkiw

    Now that I have power back after the storm….. let me tell you Mike is the Maker Space at the Library and you couldn’t ask for a nicer fellow. He patiently walked me through using the latest software to design and print an antique part to an electronic signal generator as well as a new handle for a 1909 Icebox. It looked so good i decided to leave it on the icebox as a homage to the 20th century from the 21st. Lucky you are if you get to meet Mike. Great attitude and as you know attitude is everything. Thank you, Mike!

  2. Mark Mathias

    I second your compliments of Mike. He has been a part of our Maker Faire Organizing Committee since its inception. He’s our “go-to guy” for everything from making awards to creating parts for The Great Duck Project to helping out whenever we have a need. I also know that when Mike says something will happen, I can count on him to deliver. Mike loves “making” and is an excellent example for those who want to see how enjoyable it is.