Unsung Heroes #154

A recent blaze in a Roosevelt Road home, and an earlier one on Saugatuck Shores, reinforces just how fantastic our Fire Department is.

Last week’s Compo Beach blaze. (Photo/Larry Hoy)

They are quick. They are professional. They have so much territory to cover — not only thousands of homes and businesses all around town, but anything that happens on I-95 and the Merritt Parkway (plus the railroads and even, sometimes, on the water).

It’s easy to forget all that they do, and how well they do it.

But “06880” reader Deb Green reminds us:

The other day, our 300-gallon oil tank was filled. It began to leak around 6:30 in the morning.

The Saugatuck firefighters were on the scene in a matter of minutes. They stopped the leak, and remained on the scene until the tank removal company arrived.

They spoke directly to the tank remediation company, explaining exactly what the situation was. They also spoke with the EPA to report the spill.

It’s hard to imagine the damage 300 gallons of oil could have done inside our house!

Those actions may or may not be in their precise job description. But whatever it says, the Westport Fire Department — paid firefighters and volunteers, front line personnel and support staff — goes well above, and far beyond, every time they get the call.

We don’t thank them enough.

In fact, we can’t thank them enough.

But they are our Unsung Heroes of the Week.


One response to “Unsung Heroes #154

  1. Don Bergmann

    We too had an impressive experience with the Westport Fire Department when our detached garage burst into flames on Halloween several years ago. Our two cars were burned to a crisp and nothing could be saved, Our Fire people were on the scene and kept the fire from reaching our home. Many names could be mentioned, but it was a team effort. First Selectman Jim Marpe also came by. It was midnight. We thanked all and remember the event with some horror, yet also with a sense of being well protected by the Westport Fire Department.
    Don and Sheila Bergmann