Pic Of The Day #1194

Patricia McMahon finished her Compo Beach walk yesterday, just in time to capture this dramatic lightning image over the Soundview parking lot and Westport Avenue.(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1194

  1. What a terrific shot. I only wish that someday I’ll be in the right place at the right time to capture something similar

  2. Edward Bonaham

    That’s not an actual lighting shot. Download the app “Camera+” and you’ll find the same lighting bolt in the app where you can add to the photo.

    • Edward Bonaham

      Actually, it’s AlienSky app. Download. Add lighting bolts, Lens flares. Meanwhile, you could just shoot actual lightning like that young man whose on the RTM. He’s been doing it forever. His photo of lighting at compo, I bought for my office. Such a spectacular capture.

      • Edward, Patricia says: “The less time your shutter is open sharper lightning images. One tool I use that helps me achieve this is the Lightning Trigger, a hot shoe-mounted device that plugs into the camera’s 10-pin connector port. The lightning trigger causes the shutter to open just when lightning strikes.”

  3. Patricia McMahon

    Thank you Dan.
    My husband was finishing up his bike ride when he saw me with my camera and the storm beginning to brew .

    • Carole Orland

      That’s my house! I was away at the time. Can you send me a digital link? Great shot! Thx.