Artists Collective’s “24/7 @ 47”

Every week, the Artists Collective of Westport members meet by Zoom. They talk about their challenges as artists, and share idea about current projects.

The latest group show came out of a recent meeting. Called “24/7 @ 47 Main” — and described as a “pandemic-friendly” exhibition — it’s a 10-minute video featuring 81 works from artists all over Connecticut.

It runs continuously on a large screen in the window of 47 Main Street (opposite the former Banana Republic).

Not comfortable venturing out quite yet (or just lazy)? Check out 2 options online.

One (below) is the show on the Artists Collective’s YouTube channel:

The other is a website. It’s got every exhibition image — plus details on each piece. There’s information too on how to contact an artist, for purchases. Click here to see.

So even though the physical “show” is in Westport, it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

That’s fitting. Those weekly Zoom meetings have included Artists’ Collective member Helen Klisser During. She’s a Westporter — but right now she’s back in her native New Zealand.

She joins right in. No one cares that it’s the next day there already.

Amy Kaplan’s “Screened” is one of 81 works in the current show.

4 responses to “Artists Collective’s “24/7 @ 47”

  1. Denise Torve

    A great idea and so well executed. This group of artists is what makes Westport a special place with a big heart. Thank you!

    • Well, I’m biased – – married to one of the artists! – – but I couldn’t agree any more with Denise’s words.

  2. That’s my flag!
    I am honored to be part of the artists collective!
    Just one more thing to love about our town.

  3. Dorothy Robertshaw

    Thank you Dan I enjoyed the show now I will go downtown to see it as well…. I will send you one of my latest finished pieces for your art weekly show sincerely Dorothy

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