And The Most Patriotic Homes In Westport Are …

You won’t see flags — or anything else red, white and blue — at this year’s fireworks. Westport’s show — along with 80% of similar celebrations around the nation — was canceled, due to COVID.

But Westport PAL — organizer of the annual event — teamed up with Westport’s Parks & Recreation Department, their longtime partner, to sponsor our 1st-ever “4th of July House Decorating Contest.”

Residents were encouraged to decorate the side of their house most visible from the street, showing off the themes of “patriotism” and “America.”

29 families took up the challenge. After intense judging, the winners were announced this afternoon.

1st place goes to Allen Levy and Autumn Waggoner of 19 Fillow Street. Of special note: All decorations were made in America, using recycled items. Their prize: 2 tickets to next year’s fireworks.

1st place: 19 Fillow Street.

The silver medal goes to Michael, Victoria and Giuliana Mirabelli of 1 Quintard Place, off South Maple. They receive 2 free rounds of golf at Longshore.

2nd place: 1 Quintard Place.

Placing 3rd were Nikki, Zoe, Nickolas and Christina Glekas of 20 Bridge Street.  They were rewarded with a $50 gift card to Saugatuck Sweets.

3rd place: 20 Bridge Street.

First honorable mention went to the Benson family of 17 Buena Vista Drive. One of their flags was from a World War II general.

1st honorable mention: 17 Buena Vista Drive.

Second honorable mention went to the Sylvester family of 7 Jonathan Lane, off Treadwell.

2nd honorable mention: 7 Jonathan Lane.

Congratulations to all. And special thanks to Max Robbins of Parks & Rec, who made it all happen.

(Hat tip: Andrew Colabella)

18 responses to “And The Most Patriotic Homes In Westport Are …

  1. Jeri Silverman

    The field on the flags for 3rd prize and not correct. The field is always on the left when hanging on a structure!

    • Trisha Graves

      Thanks Jeri ! It amazes me how often the mistake is made, not having the field of stars on the left. I actually found out years ago when someone pulled in my driveway and asked if we were in distress, because our flag was hung incorrectly. He told us that the stars on the right is a sign of distress. Martha Stewart made the same mistake in her magazine several times. Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue ! Fly Right !

  2. Rick Benson

    House decorating was great fun, lots of variety,
    But it looks like folks need to be reminded that the
    Proper way to display an American flag when hung either vertically or horizontally is to have the blue field of stars in the Upper Left corner. Go to for confirmation

  3. Jack Backiel

    Speaking about homes, a while back, an 06880 reader, in a posting comment, asked me if a relative of mine once owned the property her house was on, on Cross Highway, across the street and down the road a bit from the country store. I found a picture from 1945 of the my uncle’s farmhouse on that property. If the person would like the picture, Dan Woog can give you my e-mail. My uncle, Adolph Backiel, had a rather large farm on Cross Highway in the 1940s.

  4. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    Here’s an exception to that rule. When U.S. military personnel wear a flag patch on the right shoulder of their uniforms the star field is on the upper right when you’re looking at it. This is to simulate the flag moving forward as it would be carried into battle and not retreating. Fun fact and Happy 4th everyone.

    • And what year did that begin? Why not have it on the left? Do these “right side” patches ever wind up elsewhere? What about on the front? On a hat? On a truck? In black and white? The left side was good enough for wwii, Vietnam, and the Apollo astronauts. Leave it on the left!!!!

      • Tom Feeley Sr.

        Who knows what year…look it up.
        Already explained.
        Sure…all the time.
        Front = left as usual
        Black & white=same

        It is on the left except when it’s on the right…FOR THE REASONS GIVEN

        • Thanks Tom. Air Force One has flags on both sides so on the right side the union is foward, or right. Whenever flags are displayed on both sides, this is correct. If only one flag is displayed, it should always be on the left, like on the Apollo Astronauts Space Suits. If display on the left is impossibke, for ecample in the case of a misding limb, dispmay on tbe right is acceptable. As a US History teacher I find it disheartening that since the beginning of The Global War on Terror, our current and longest war, we have displayed patches, nearly exclusively, on the right. These patches have wound up on hats, trucks, tshirts, and even on the front of uniforms of active duty service members. Certainly not the biggest deal, just one small detail. Happy Interdependence Day, Tom. Thanks again for your help.

          • Astronauts’, impossible, example, sorry for the tiny keyboard

          • Interdependence? Sheesh. That’s all spellcheck cookiness. Not me. My apologies.

        • Sorry for all the typoes. Foward? Sheesh. My dad is rolling. My apologies.

  5. Karl S. Taylor

    Excellent observation by Tom Duquette. His comment was the most meaningful.

  6. Eric Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Happy Fourth Dan!!!!
    You have always been an Independent Thinker.

  7. Tom Feeley Sr.

    Hopefully the flags are correct and the photograph is reversed 🇺🇸🇺🇸Happens a lot 😎

  8. Phil Symonette

    Is there a place where you can see all of the houses?

  9. Dianna Broady

    Thanks to all the families for making this July 4rh so heartwarming! We are fairly new to Westport (from San Diego) and fall more in love with this Town by the day. Let’s all do our part to keep Westport as special as it is!

    • Glad you’re enjoying Westport, Dianna. Welcome to Westport. You’ll love the Levitt, Playhouse, Memorial Day parade and 4th of July fireworks next year — along with everything else.