Roundup: Actual Plovers; Herons; More

I goofed! I ran a photo of an American oystercatcher yesterday, instead of the piping plover born at Compo’s South Beach. I’m an idiot.

Here is the correct photo, by Tina Green:

So how was your jUNe Day weekend? As colorful as the flags? As relaxing as these herons cormorants?

(Photo/Lori Levine)

And finally … the lifeguards will be back at Compo. Summer is here. Even with masks and physical distancing — beach, baby!


10 responses to “Roundup: Actual Plovers; Herons; More

  1. I believe those are cormorants. . .

  2. Jane McCaffrey

    Not herons. Cormorants

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  3. I’ll just start labeling all these photos “animals.”

    • Wendy Cusick

      I just burst out laughing!
      Thankfully, I wasn’t drinking anything.
      Keep up the great work Dan.
      Don’t worry about the birds. We appreciate the nice pictures everyone sends in.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Dan, you can probably trust yourself to be more specific and call these “birds”.

  4. Amy Schneider

    I saw that little guy walking in the sand, but he blended right in. I’m glad that Tina Green was able to capture the image!

  5. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    FIRST, AND YES I AM SHOUTING! Dan, please do not call yourself an idiot.
    The care and detail you have given to this Pandemic crisis alone is enough for a humanitarian award. How I wish there was a resource here as detailed and caring as your posts have been. On top of that you have brought joy, relaxation and beauty in the midst of all the tragedy. Misidentifying a bird or two is insignificant. Please keep up the good work. And by the way I think you probably qualify as a pretty good DJ with the music you have provided also.

    • Thanks, Mary. You rock! This made my day. I am honored to do what I do — and proud you are part of our great “06880” community. We are truly all in this together. (PS: In my next life I will be a DJ — definitely not an ornithologist.)

  6. Jalna Jaeger

    Dan those aren’t herons, they are cormorants! By the way Westport does have baby herons also! Don’t want to give details as they don’t need to be bothered!