Movies In Westport: Remarkably, They’re Back

For a parking lot, the Imperial Avenue space is impressively versatile.

Besides a spot for commuters (remember them?) taking buses to the station, from May to November it’s the site of the Farmers’ Market. It’s where the Blues, Views & BBQ Festival held cooking contests.

This weekend, the sea of asphalt turned into a drive-in movie theater.

Heading to the show.

The Remarkable Theater opened its summer series there, with 2 classic films: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Caddyshack.”

It was a win-win. The theater offers employment to people with disabilities, while families and teenagers packed the place for fun, wholesome entertainment.

It was like a throwback to the previous century — and not just because of the movies shown.

A few neighbors worried about noise. But there were no outside speakers. Sound came through the magic of FM radio.

Oh, yeah: Friday’s showing was a benefit for the Westport Woman’s Club. Proceeds helped make up for the loss of their big undraiser this year: the Yankee Doodle Fair.

You know. One more event that makes the Imperial Avenue spot more than just a parking lot.

Two more films are scheduled for next month. Watch this space for coming attractions.


Bringing your own candy is much cheaper than the multiplex.

(All photos/Jen Meerow Berniker)

16 responses to “Movies In Westport: Remarkably, They’re Back

  1. Justin Halky

    This was my first time at a drive in movie and it was one of the most fun days I have had in a while! It was set up so well and I really liked the way that you could hear the sound from your own car. I really hope to see more of these this summer!

  2. Melissa Shein

    Last nights movie event was fantastic. I thought this was going to be every weekend. How do we make that happen? What a perfect way to enjoy the summer. I would like to see this keep going until the weather gets cold. Thank you to those that made this happen. Please let’s keep it going.

  3. Don Bergmann

    Really, neat. Thanks to the promoters and those who implemented the effort, as well as to the Town folks, the BoS mostly I think, for accomplishing this so quickly and well.
    Don Bergmann

  4. Natalie Lieberson

    Was an amazing kick off to summer! Everyone was so enthusiastic and excited to be there. The effort put into this event is much appreciated and I hope to see more showings throughout the summer!

  5. Mark Bachmann

    I have fond memories of drive-in theaters from what seemed to have been a long-lost era. But now they’re back – a very cool idea! I couldn’t tell from the article if we’re going to see more, but I hope so.

  6. Rhona Lieberson

    Dan, thank you for your writing of the “Remarkable” Drive In theatre. This activity is to be applauded and thanks to Doug Tirola for his foresight, and all the others in the “Remarkable” group for their tireless energy, and forward looking approach to Life. Fortunately our Town was responsive and supported the idea, allowing so many to enjoy two evenings with their families and friends during a most challenging time!!! Much appreciated and great to hear the excitement of the kids and to see their smiles!!!!! Go Westport and Go “Remarkable” Thank you,
    Rhona Lieberson

  7. Thomas Feeley

    I thought the drive-in movie was a lot of fun, I would totally recommend going. I hope that they run loads more movies through the summer.

  8. Patricia McMahon

    I love everything about this !
    Good going Westport 👏🏻

  9. Ray Wilhelm

    Dan, this is a great idea. Is the fee “per car”, like the old days of our youth? Seems like modern drive ins charge per person. Might make a difference to attendees.
    Hope to see more of these attractions.
    Ray Wilhelm

    • Marina Derman

      Ray, the fee is per car. Some drive-ins do it per person, others per car — to us per car seemed simplest and quickest, since all sales are online in advance for COVID safety. Bring the family and come have fun — hope to see you at the movies!

    • Yes, per car. I remember the days when we would stick all our friends under blankets to sneak in. We thought we were very clever.

  10. Julia Saluck

    Such a great idea! I went last night and loved it. I hope that it continues for the rest of the summer. I will definitely be returning!

  11. Nikki Saluck

    Had a great time! I hope that it continues throughout the summer.

  12. Can you tag this with these guys…

    • Wendy Cusick

      That’s what I thought. I remember this being a big deal and went very well.
      I just couldn’t recall what year it was. 2016
      $30 a car too.