Photo Challenge #285

The Westport Country Playhouse stage is dark this season.

But it remains bright and vivid in our minds. Last week’s Photo Challenge — showing an old-fashioned light above a closed window on the side of a red-painted wood structure — was easily recognized by many as the concession stand kiosk nestled in the courtyard outside one of America’s oldest and most famed summer theaters. (Click here to see.)

Wendy Schaefer, Rich Stein, Elaine Marino, Seth Schachter, Fred Cantor, Joyce Barnhart, Dan Vener, Wendy Cusick, Patricia Blaufuss, Nancy Wilson, Stephanie Ehrman, Jonathan McClure, Shirlee Gordon, Tom Risch, Elizabeth Marks, Seth Goltzer and Kathleen Lewton all knew exactly what the image showed.

All will hopefully be back next year, for the beloved Playhouse’s belated 90th season.

This week’s Photo Challenge picks up — sort of — where last week’s left off. We remember our neighbor Paul Newman for many things, including his role as the stage manager in the 2001 Playhouse production of “Our Town.” (His wife, Joanne Woodward, was the show’s sole producer when it moved to Broadway the next year. She played a major role in the Playhouse’s renovation, a couple of years later.)

We were used to seeing Paul Newman all around town. Everyone’s got a story. But where can we see this banner of him today? If you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Sabra Gallo)


7 responses to “Photo Challenge #285

  1. It is on the studio garage behind 25 Imperial Avenue and was conceived and created by the late internationally renowned futurist Watts Wacker

    • Thanks Miggs. That would explain why I had never seen it until today. Do you know what the second banner says?

  2. Clark Thiemann

    Is it at the Newman’s Own HQ on Morningside?

  3. As usual, Miggs is 100% correct!

  4. 25 imperial.
    I suppose I have an unfair advantage. I confess

  5. Hanne Jeppesen

    Unfortunately the 2 years I lived in Westport (67 and 68) I never saw Paul Newman. Which might have been a good thing, I might have fainted. Always thought he was a class act, and certainly made the world a better place. Have seen many of his movies, even the ones that weren’t that great was worth it because Paul Newman was in it. Did see Joanne Woodward once after I had moved from Westport, I was just visiting, but she came in and had lunch where my girl friend had lunch.

  6. We lived in Westport from 1986-2003-Paul Newman was always my favorite actor and I did see him twice while I lived there- once in the Remarkable Bookstore where he was buying Xmas gifts for his wife and I quietly followed him around and once at the Playhouse, we sat in the same row as he and Joanne!