Photo Challenge #284

The good news during the coronavirus crisis— and it’s a stretch, to be sure —  is that Westporters have discovered Sherwood Island State Park.

The closure of Compo Beach in the early days of the pandemic forced a number of serenity-seeking residents to the 235-acre gem. It’s easy to miss, and most folks here have. But if you head just a few yards beyond the I-95 Exit 18 on-ramps, you’ll find many wonders: a broad beach, woods, marshes, walking and biking paths, wildlife, a Nature Center, Connecticut’s 9/11 memorial, and much more..

Including a semi-overgrown, tree-lined spot leading to … last week’s Photo Challenge.

Located on the north end of the park, near Compo Cove and Old Mill, it was once the entrance to the Sherwood family farm and “mansion.” There’s not much to see there now, other than nature at its finest. (Click here for the photo; click here for a fascinating history of the park, and the land around it.)

But Susan Thomsen, Andrew Colabella, Nancy Axthelm, Rich Stein, Jalna Jaeger, Susan Schmidt, Moira Eick and Stacie Curran all knew exactly what Mary Sikorski’s image showed.

You can see it too. It’s there for us all at Sherwood Island — and it’s free. All you need is a Connecticut license plate. What are you waiting for?!

And don’t wait to answer this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dan Woog)

23 responses to “Photo Challenge #284

  1. Wendy Schaefer

    Westport Country Playhouse

  2. Elaine Marino

    Agree with Wendy. WCP.

  3. Seth Schachter

    Westport playhouse — the old tannery factory way back when……

  4. Fred Cantor

    It looks like you didn’t have to travel too far to take this photo (which I like very much by the way).

  5. Joyce Barnhart

    It looks a little beat-up to be the Playhouse, but that was my first thought, too.

  6. Westport Country Playhouse.

  7. Wendy Cusick

    Literally my first reaction to this photo is Westport Playhouse
    And that light even though not on, reminds me of the ‘ghost light’ in theatre.
    I just saw Mo Rocca’s interview with Broadway’s entertainers.

    However.,my mind drifts to other possible red barn structures….

  8. Patricia Blaufuss

    Concession gazebo at Westport Country Playhouse. Sadly, it won’t be in use this year as the 2020 season is postponed until 2021. Programs happening this year online. Visit:

  9. Nancy Wilson


  10. Stephanie Ehrman

    Westport play house?

  11. Jonathan McClure

    Westport Country Playhouse

  12. Shirlee Gordon

    Westport Playhouse

  13. It is the Westport Country Playhouse — specifically (as Patricia Blaufuss notes), the concession stand in the courtyard. Nothing says “summer theater” like that spot!

  14. Playhouse

  15. Elizabeth Marks

    I’d be a bad previous employee of the Playhouse if I didn’t know this picture of the gazebo/bar outside the bar in the garden!

  16. Seth Goltzer

    Westport playhouse

  17. Amelie Babkie

    Fairfield Hunt Club

  18. Amelie Babkie

    Oh well

  19. Kathleen Lewton

    The concession window in the outside garden at the original/old Playhouse