Roundup: Re-opening Phase 2; Epidemiology; Lifeguards; Hemp; More

Phase 1 of reopening Connecticut is underway. So far, so good. 

Next Wednesday (June 17), Phase 2 begins.

Restaurants, libraries, sports and fitness facilities, hotels, museums, zoos, aquariums, indoor recreation centers personal services and “outdoor events” will now be allowed to open.

Of course, that does not mean all will. “06880” will report on local re-openings as we hear of them (send info to

For details on what Phase 2 means around the state, click here.

When the Westport Library reopens, it won’t be with scenes like this.

On Thursday, Tallula Goldberg graduates from Staples High School. This fall she heads to the University of Rochester, to study epidemiology.

It’s not a new interest. This fall — long before anyone heard of the coronavirus — she created an Independent Learning Experience (self-directed course) on the topic.

For her final project, she wrote a children’s book. It breaks down the key aspects of public health and epidemiology in a way kids 10 and older can understand.

Though not specific to COVID-19, it provides an explanation of how diseases are spread, and suggestions to keep safe. Tallula is sharing it now, “in hopes of making sense of the crazy world we live in.”

Click here — then learn!

The weather is warm. Gatherings of 25 are now permitted. If you’ve got a pool, you’re pretty popular.

But as we come out of COVID, safety is still important. What to do? Contact

Run by 16-year-old Daria Maya — a certified open water lifeguard with Advanced Lifesaving, CPR and AED certifications — it’s a simple way to connect pool owners with guards.

Just click here to request a Red Cross Certified lifeguard, or swimming lessons. You set the rate directly with the guard. WeLifeguard does not profit from the service, and does not charge a fee. The goal is to keep everyone safe.

Everyone into the pool!

Daria Maya

Manna Toast opened the other day in Bedford Square. Now it’s joined by another new business.

Franny’s Farmacy grand opening is set for June 18, 19 and 20. Owner Griff Conti calls his store “a family-friendly destination for all things hemp.”

A Silvermine native with an entrepreneurial itch and a decade of experience as a recruiter in the oil, gas and cannabis industries, he originally planned to open Franny’s 8th franchise in Colorado. But the Church Lane location — across from Spotted Horse restaurant, near Savannah Bee Company — proved too hard to resist.

The “farm” in Franny’s Farmacy refers to its vertical integration: They cultivate, process, manufacture and distribute all their own goods.

They offer a diverse selection of CBD products, from CBD oils and edibles to smokable hemp flower, vape products and topicals. There’s a product line for pets too.

Franny’s is a full-service shop, with a dispensing bar, curbside pickup and delivery. Private appointments are available too. Click here for more information on the Westport store.

And finally … Spanky & Our Gang’s long-forgotten plea, from 1968:

13 responses to “Roundup: Re-opening Phase 2; Epidemiology; Lifeguards; Hemp; More

  1. Tracy MacMath

    A “family-friendly destination” that sells vape products?

    • Griff Conti

      Good morning Tracy! I am the owner of Franny’s and will be operating our new, flagship, store in Westport at Bedford Square. Our business is family-owned and yes, we are a family-friendly destination and community education center for all things hemp.

      Our company carries very limited consumption devices (also known commonly as vaporizer/vape products) and it is for good reason. Our vape products are designed for use with our Hemp CBD products and facts show that smokeable or vaporized CBD is the quickest method of delivery which is oftentimes critical to consumers that may be looking to use Hemp products for relief from chronic pain or other known issues. The few products we will carry will be out of sight and under lock and key and we take seriously our part in our community and we operate responsibly and this will be our 8th store and our commitment and processes remain consistent. We do not sell these products to anyone under the age of 21 and by request only.

      We carry over 100 products in store and Franny’s Farmacy is a Seed to Shelf concept and our products are produced using organically grown hemp. We offer a full line of hemp derived products and we look forward to serving the community for many years to come. Come say hello and bring the family, our family looks forward to it!


  2. Christine Rock Freeman

    Whatever happened to the idea of a smokeless and healthy environment? Gee, how do you prevent the outdoor “smoke” from invading your property? I don’t want traveling/neighboring smoke invading my outdoor living space !

    • Griff Conti

      Hi Christine!

      I am the owner of Franny’s Farmacy Westport and wanted to respond to your recent comment in case there is any confusion about our store and business. Smoking is prohibited in our store and across the entire Bedford Square Property and most of Downtown Westport. You can rest assured that our store and all areas around it will be smokeless and will provide the same healthy environment you deserve and we expect. We are a hemp company and we are family owned and we offer 100+ hemp derived products in store, most of which are produced in house, from Seed to Shelf, from Franny’s Farm in Asheville, NC. While the hemp flower can be smoked, it is also used widely through other applications for cooking, infusing products, etc. I wanted to make sure there was no confusion about our business and new store location opening on June 18th at Bedford Square, Westport. Come stop by, our products are whole plant based and we have something for everyone. Is the idea of smoking hemp flower is not your thing, we understand, however, it is really critical for some consumers that need immediate delivery of the benefits from hemp as consuming through edibles, topicals or beverages is a slower process.

      Thank you for your concerns, we are here to serve our community and we are locally owned and operated by my family, natives of Fairfield County.


      • Christine Rock Freeman

        Thanks Griff for your response. I applaud your ingenuity. However, smoking hemp/pot products continues to be a problem. Hemp/pot products are smoked, for example, on the beach, in the State or National Parks and in the neighbors’ back yard which abuts to my back yard (and not by my neighbors!)! My idea of a smokeless and healthy environment is CLEAN AIR wherever I go — locally —- or elsewhere — or stay at home!

        In ADDITION, is smoking hemp/pot the best role model to teach our children so that they can lead healthy and productive lives? AND the criminal activity it provokes, such as trespassing other’s property to smoke hemp/pot products and stealing to purchase hemp/pot products? This is not an healthy, productive nor stable environment where I nor others choose to live!

      • Christine Rock Freeman

        Try reading “TELL YOUR CHILDREN, THE TRUTH ABOUT MARIJUANA, MENTAL ILLNESS, AND VIOLENCE” by Alex Berenson. Although not a medical/scientific journal report, it DOES summarize the medical and scientific findings regarding many of the problems with the use of hemp/pot/marijuana, whatever name you want to give it!

        • Hi Christine,

          I appreciate your concerns but this is why I am bringing this concept to Westport. There’s so much to know and it’s overwhelming to address it all through a comment thread. I encourage you to get in touch directly via email at

          We call it hemp. It’s not marijuana/pot. It’s non intoxicating and it’s federally legal across all 50 States. There’s incredible facts about the plant and benefits and uses that would take time to list. We have nothing to do with marijuana. Our products are traceable from Seed to Shelf and we are a company focused on transparency and we produce the highest quality products using best in class ingredients. Hemp does not impair you and while it’s part of the Cannabis plant, it’s a ‘cousin’ to marijuana and it genetically/characteristically cannot yield levels above 0.3% THC, the only compound, amongst 120+ total in the cannabis plant, that gets you ‘high’. Marijuana contains levels as high as 30%+ in THC. Hemp cannot contain more than 0.3%, a minimal amount that is proven to not have any mind altering effects.

  3. Cathy Barnett

    I remember this Spanky & Our Gang song, or part of it, was used in a PSA or charity in NYC “Give jobs. Give money. Give a damn.” Anyone from that era remember??

    • Christine Rock Freeman

      Aren’t there local and, maybe state, laws regulating how, when and what to burn on one’s property to not disturb “the quiet enjoyment” of another’s property? Burning anything on your property is a REAL MISTAKE if it infringes the rights of those around you.

  4. Wendy Batteau

    Tallula Goldberg – Yay for you!

  5. Good on you Daria! We once were neighbors and are still so proud to have had you as ours.
    All best,

  6. Christine Rock Freeman

    However, you continue to sponsor the smoking of hemp, or whatever you call it! Smoking not only harms our youth, it also harms the environment! So many dead or damaged trees, bushes and other plants, IN ADDITION TO THE HARM TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS, with deadly smoke. We all want to BREATHE !!