Photo Challenge #283

If you’re relatively new to Westport, you’ve never heard of “Needle Park.”

If you grew up here, you know exactly where it was.

For decades, when the library was located on the Post Road between Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza — think Freshii and Starbucks today — it included a small outdoor gathering spot at the Post Road/Main Street corner.

With trees, bushes and benches, it may or may not have had an official name. It was a pleasant place to sit, hang out, people-watch, read or play guitar, and a perfect place for protests (Vietnam War, Nixon, you name it).

But because (supposedly) it was also a place to use and sell drugs, generations of Westporters called it “Needle Park.”

The Library owned the property. A deed ensured that it would remain open space in perpetuity. Indeed.

Sometime after the library left, and commercial real estate took over, the park turned into a concrete block. It’s now the entrance to the Pop’TArt gallery (which bears no blame for its current state; they inherited it).

All that remains are memories. Plus a sign — “Deeded Open Space. The public is welcome to this park and terrace” — which was last week’s Photo Challenge (click here to see). 

And which Pat Saviano, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Dick Lowenstein and Morley Boyd all identified correctly.

Coincidentally, the tiny park was spruced up on Friday by the Westport Garden Club. It’s part of their #FridayFlowers campaign. Members promise to keep the pots — there are 2 — spruced up throughout summer.

(Photo/Topsy Siderowf)

This week’s Photo Challenge is a gorgeous one, by Mary Sikorski. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Mary Sikorski)

21 responses to “Photo Challenge #283

  1. Fred Cantor

    Is this the small public park on Morningside near Tierney Lane?

  2. Susan Thomsen

    Sherwood Island Sate Park?

  3. Haskins Park (off Green Acres Rd) ?

  4. Andrew Colabella

    Sherwood Island State Park?

  5. Louise Demakis

    Windsor Park?

  6. Christine Freeman

    With regard to the other pic posted – LOVE LOVE LOVE the Westport Garden Club’s FRIDAY FLOWERS CAMPAIGN ! ! ! Can we all pitch in . . . ?

    • Absolutely! Post your own display to either Instagram or Facebook- tag #FridayFlowers and if you want WGC to share- tag @westportctgardenclub on Insta and @westportgradenclub on Facebook. Thank you for your comment!

  7. Maureen O' Driscoll

    Older Greens Farms cemetery near connector?

  8. Nancy Axthelm

    The allee of trees leading to the once Sherwood Mansion at Sherwood Park.

  9. Lawrence Joel Zlatkin

    Looks like the entrance to Haskins preserve on Green Acre Lane.

  10. I say Sherwood Island heading towards othe old mill side

  11. This is the entrance to the Sherwood family farm, at Sherwood Island State Park. Well done, Susan, Andrew, Nancy and Rich. You know your onions!

  12. Deserved nickname. Across the street was at least one, I think two, rehab places on second floors.

  13. Brian Taylor

    I think Maureen O’Driscoll is right. Greens farms cemetery.

  14. Jalna Jaeger

    Sherwood island state park

  15. Haskins nature preserve

  16. Susan Schmidt

    Sherwood Island Park; tree-lined “drive” to old mansion.

  17. The Westport Downtown Merchants Association was thrilled to partner with the Westport Garden Club on the Main Street bump outs and street planters. We continue to underwrite the lamp post baskets and our young crew of maintenance workers will be watering all throughout the summer.

  18. Moira Eick

    Sherwood Island!

  19. Stacie Curran

    This is Sherwood Island State Park – the wood railroad ties and all. Thanks for the image Mary