COVID Roundup: Kayak, Paddle Rentals; Principal’s Personal Notes; Roly Poly; More

Longshore Sailing School opens today — in phases.

Phase 1 is kayak and paddleboard rentals online. Tomorrow (Monday, June 1), those rentals are available online, and for walk-ins.

Wednesday (June 3) is the first day for sailboat and catamaran rentals. Online reservations are suggested; walk-ins are first-come, first-served.

Click here to reserve. NOTE: Renters must present a license or photo ID at the office.

(Photo/Anne Bernier)

It’s been quite a first year for Staples High School principal Stafford Thomas.

No one could have predicted what happened in March — or since then. But in addition to shepherding the school through distance learning, keeping the lines of communication open with a series of warm, informative videos, and doing thousands of other things that no one ever taught in his education classes, the popular principal hand-wrote congratulatory notes to graduating seniors.

All 433 of them.

It doesn’t make up for what the Class of 2020 missed during their final 3 months. But if anyone still keeps scrapbooks, a note like that should go right in front.

As restaurants throughout Westport reopen, Roly Poly is closing.

Yesterday, employees were wrapping up the final wraps. The longtime franchise on Saugatuck Avenue could not make it through the COVID crisis.

The Fine Arts Festival was supposed to be this weekend. It’s been postponed. The new dates are October 17-18.

But you can still see and buy beautiful paintings, sculptures and photos from the artists who would have lined Main Street today.

Click here to browse. Then mark your calendars for the live event this fall.

One more piece of proof that Westport is on its way to reopening fully:

Our self-important, really obnoxious entitled bad parkers are back!

Compo Shopping Center (Photo/Michael Newman)

And finally … Tyrone Davis nails it:

7 responses to “COVID Roundup: Kayak, Paddle Rentals; Principal’s Personal Notes; Roly Poly; More

  1. Wendy Cusick

    Pale yellow license plate reminds me of New Jersey….

  2. Kevin Ferrara

    What sort of sociopath parks like that?

  3. Nancy McKeever

    Me too!

  4. Clark Thiemann

    Oh 2020… you tease us with a Fine Arts Festival day that’s 70 degrees and sunny.

  5. Karen Solicito

    Thank you, Principal Thomas! You brought exactly the right temperament to our high schoolers during this unprecedented time.

  6. cracking up again with the entitled parkers!! Glad to see that some things never change.

  7. Yay for the bad parkers giving us something to really get fired up about & occasionally lol about! This not even attempt to park properly is particularly egregious & hopefully just empty parking lot due to virus sheltering /taking advantage of the situation & not the driver’s go to method of parking! Guess you townies are going to find out soon enough😯