Unsung Hero #145

Alert — and grateful — “06880” reader Bob Weingarten writes:

Although the entire staff at the Senior Center should be recognized for their support during the pandemic, I would like to recognize one individual who has assisted many of us seniors on how to participate in the new online Senior Center programs. While doing that, he has also called seniors just to chat and ask about our health.

When COVID-19 struck, the Senior Center made over 30 programs available online. They range from yoga, tai chi, qigong and exercise classes to French language, current events, religion class and studio art.

To take an online class a participant needs a computer, email address and internet access. But having those resources means nothing, unless you know how to use them.

Jason Wilson, in a Zoom meeting.

Jason joined the Center full time last July, as assistant program manager. He has made it his mission to help seniors — and instructors — learn new technology skills.

When I had a problem accessing Zoom for one of my wife’s classes, Jason helped. He remained online to make sure no one else had any problems.

We should all be thankful to the entire staff at the Senior Center, including director Susan Pfister  and program manager Holly Betts. The doors may be closed, by Jason is helpful — and the staff provides phone coverage Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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6 responses to “Unsung Hero #145

  1. Susan Pfister

    Thank you Jason for switching gears so quickly and for continuing to offer a diversified course offering despite the fact that the WCSA is “closed.” I appreciate your efforts just as much as the seniors do!
    Susan Pfister, Director, WCSA

  2. Jason likes to serve others. He is one of the nicest persons I have met in the Northeast, and I am happy to call him my friend.

  3. Molly Alger

    Totally agree. Jason is the BEST. Very characteristic of all WCSA employees.

  4. NIna Streitfeld

    Totally agree. He deserves the accolades for helping us. Nina Streitfeld

  5. Well-deserved recognition! Jason’s friendliness, can-do spirit, readiness to lend a hand (and his great sense of humor) make him a wonderful resource for the senior center — I’m happy to see he got a shout-out!

  6. Patty Kondub

    Jason is a wonderful, caring and patient person. He is a valuable addition to the team at The Center which continues to serve our seniors.

    I’m very happy to see him recognized as an “unsung hero”.

    I hope he is successful getting some of the offerings put on ch 78 or 79. There are thousands of people who’d tune in on TV. I’d love to see even one hour of TV time of “Free Fitness TV”. Westport’s Center for Senior Activities actually could take its offerings and be a TV show that should get broadcast nationwide somehow. Commercials could be run to make revenue for our Town. I see Jason being the Executive Producer. It could also stream, but I’m suggesting TV because just about everyone in the U.S. has a TV in this target market. Our Center is an untapped revenue stream (if it can be broadcast) in my opinion.