COVID-19 Roundup: Beach Grills; Granola Bar; Tuition Grants; More

The Parks & Recreation Department announced last week that Compo Beach parking lots may open May 15 — but grills and picnic tables will not be available.

They weren’t kidding.

Here’s South Beach, this weekend. Who knew those concrete barbecue grills were portable?

(Photo/Dan Woog)

Three weeks ago, Staples Tuition Grants sent out a special request. With COVID-19 making college less affordable for more seniors and graduates, they hoped to raise another $50,000. A small group of generous donors had already pledged a similar amount.

Westporters rose to the challenge. The $100,000 goal was met — and surpassed. Funds will be distributed to students who applied before the March deadline, qualified for grants, and have demonstrated additional hardship attributable to the pandemic.

“For many of our students, this may make the difference between finishing college and dropping out. For others, it will enable them to start college on time instead of waiting till a year or more after graduating from Staples,” STG says.

“We are extremely grateful to our friends and neighbors in Westport and beyond, who generously came through in this time of stress. This is another sign that we really do live in a strong, supportive community, and that people really do care about those who need their help.

“Donations ranged from small to large, and came from old friends and new ones. These contributions went a long way to make up for the slowdown in donations and the damage to our small endowment resulting from the present crisis. As a result we will give more assistance to our eligible applicants than we have ever been able to do before, certainly a much-needed piece of good news in these difficult times.”

STG raises funds all year long. If you missed the initial appeal, or would like to contribute again, click here.

The Granola Bar is back — bit by bit.

They’re now open every day, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Orders can be placed online, via the app (“The Granola Bar”) or phone (203-349-5202).

They’ve launched dinners that can be ordered via the app or Instagram, as well as TGB@Home: $65 kits for fire chicken/veggies, tacos or shawarma, as well as vegan lasagna.

Ariana Napier is organizing a food drive for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

You can drop food and/or personal care items (diapers, wipes, sanitary pads, etc.) in bins in her driveway (14 Jennings Court, off Bayberry Lane).

Items most needed include cereal (all types, any kind), peanut butter and jelly (no glass), mac and cheese (box), canned meals and soups, and boxed meals (any kind).

She plans on weekly trips, and hopes Westporters can donate regularly. Even one or two items helps.

She will also pick up from your driveway. Email

In her 70s, Stephanie Bass embarked on a new career: stand-up comedy.

She’s good! And although her regular haunts like Gotham Comedy Club are closed, she’s staying sharp. Every day, she posts a new sign outside her home off Compo Hill.

Here’s yesterday’s. Check out the beer. Preach!

(Photo/Dan Woog)

And finally … let’s end the weekend, and kick off the new week, with this spot-on ditty:

2 responses to “COVID-19 Roundup: Beach Grills; Granola Bar; Tuition Grants; More

  1. Michael Calise

    The concrete Grills were not meant to be portable although, from time to time they were relocated. The unfortunate truth is that the concrete grills have been removed permanently in favor of metal single post city park grills as well as the few remaining wooden tables in favor of plastic composite tables. A few more steps in favor of the homogenization of our favorite summer spot. Sadly with this final step the hometown ambiance of Compo has been totally eliminated. The one irony is that the Town that made great hay about eliminating plastic utensils and bags has installed plastic tables at its beaches,. Go figure!

  2. Wendy Cusick

    Get the right size ‘dozer or backhoe with front loader they can move just about anything.
    Concrete grills=done