Actually, It’s Not Just Dog Owners Who Should Clean Up

The sign says: “Dog Owners, you are required to clean up after your dog.”

Judging by the mess left by humans yesterday at Old Mill Beach — the first really nice spring day since the coronavirus struck — we’re right back to our old habits.

(Photo/Richard Webb)

PS: The part that says “No animals beyond this point”? That doesn’t mean you can act like animals in front of it either.

22 responses to “Actually, It’s Not Just Dog Owners Who Should Clean Up

  1. Tom Feeley Sr

    Listen up‼️
    Place 2 trash receptacles at this location😎
    Now we can be neat 😂🇺🇸

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Unfortunately, people revert to type. Epiphanies, if/when they do occur, are personal. What a shameful display of sloth and disrespect.

  3. People should take care to avoid these kind of situations….

  4. David Weber

    How hard is it to just take your trash with you with the bins and barrels are full. Come on people show some respect for what you’ve been given.

  5. Bill Kutik

    Great tag line, Dan.

  6. Jane McCaffrey

    Looks a lot to me like an animal(s) got into the barrel. Seagulls?

    • Susan Iseman

      Agree! Hate to think it was on purpose. Agree maybe more waste receptacles could be in order- how can it hurt?

  7. Karen Como

    I saw that this morning and was shocked! I forgot my cell phone so couldn’t take photo! Also couldn’t order my breakfast at Joey’s! Very disappointing!!!! Karen como

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  8. Leslie Kirshner

    My husband was walking out dogs this am to beat crowds. He was appalled by the MESS left. Asked for a bag at Elviras and cleaned the area. Ps. Might have been nice if they had at least bought him a cup of coffee. But he did the right thing without being asked

  9. Susan Siegelaub Katz

    Are you sure it wasn’t the gulls? They can make a big mess digging though the trash.

  10. Wendy Cusick

    No, I doubt it was the seagulls.
    Who was down there yesterday?
    Show of hands… 🙋‍♀️I was…around 4pm after work (essential)
    I wanted to get something from Joey’s first day.
    Yikes!! The amount of people down in the Old Mill Area was a jaw dropper.
    I made my way to the pickup window, greeted and welcomed Joey back and got out of area slowly because of traffic.
    Thanks Joey @joeysbytheshore the food was fantastic. 🌭🌭

  11. Arline Gertzoff

    Slobs don’t change their stripes Perhaps another trash would help .No different from lazy people who leave their shopping cart in a parking place. As they are too lazy

    to put it in a corral This mentality is oblivious to shaming as well.I observed two groups having outdoor parties yesterday and today.I said something to one and got an expletive Just drove past the second Not a mask in sight Social distancing ?
    Just drove home

  12. Rosemary Milligan

    This mess was not done by seagulls but by people that automatically assume someone else will clean up their mess. Sad to see what is happening in Westport.

    • Bill Boyd ...Staples 66

      Seagulls….not people.😁take it easy..( people don’t throw trash on the ground 12 inches from the barrel……but…parking lot..Yes!)

  13. How about: take it in, take it out? In other words, if you bring garbage in, take it out in your own bags. I remember a dear departed now friend, who used to say “take only pictures and leave only footprints” Why can’t we do this at Compo?

  14. Sharon Paulsen


  15. Jimmy Izzo

    I call this simple lazy entitlement. It’s everywhere, the amount of trash along some of our roads like Greens Farms Road, is sad. People seem to think it’s not “their problem.”
    For a town that is so “feel good no plastics” it’s pathetic how some simply feel they not not have to do their part to execute proper refuse rules of law and common sense.

  16. Leslie Petersen

    Looks like Raccoons or seagulls to me. Shout out to Leslie Kirshner’s husband for cleaning it all up!!

  17. Michael Tager

    The refuse can looks full. Maybe a 2nd one or quicker pickup?

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  18. Tom Feeley Sr

    Team A: add a can; probably animals or seagulls
    Team B: entitled Westporters are slobs

    Who ya gonna believe ⁉️😂

  19. Patricia McMahon

    I know the weather was splendid , but while driving by this area i was shocked to see how many people and their dogs on the beach have taken over under these circumstances.
    It looked like people camping out for the
    Compo Fireworks display .
    Absolutely inexcusable behavior leaving this mess!!

  20. It is sad that this has to happen. I have been to events where they hand out trash bags, and people still throw stuff on the ground. Lets hope it was the four legged animals that caused this mess.