0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 7 Gallery

Wasn’t it just yesterday we were stunned to be self-isolating — and art seemed a safe, sensible way to keep our wits and express our emotions?

No. It was nearly 7 weeks ago.

Every Saturday since, “06880” has shared readers’ artwork. Professional, amateur, old, young — you’re sending us your paintings, collages, sketches, photos, sculptures, chalkwork, cartoons, whatever.

The only rule is it must be inspired by, reflective of, or otherwise related to the times we’re going through.

Keep the submissions coming (including students, of any grade!). Just email dwoog@optonline.net.

Here is this week’s gallery. It’s long on photos, with some very welcome springtime themes.  Enjoy!

“When We Still Had Hope,” soft pastel on sanded paper (Deborah Howland-Murray)

Funky hand-knit mask with tassels (Amy Schneider)

“Kissing,” Sherwood Island (Karen Weingarten)

“Day 1” (Rebecca Ross)

(Eileen Lavigne Flug)

“Wine and Tears” (Nina Bentley)

“Stuck in Your Hometown, Or Loving Your Hometown? Walking Downtown by the River” (Rob Feakins)

“Painting Flowers to Get Excited for Spring,” watercolor and ink pen (Eden Rossman, age 9)

“Robin’s Nest in My Back Yard” (Mary Sikorski)

“Stay Home” (Beth DeVoll)

Winslow Park Animal Hospital (Molly Alger)

“The Zeitgeist,” Sherwood Island (originally plane-less, but “stuff happened”); oil on canvas (Steven Parton)

16 responses to “0*6*Art*Art*0 — Week 7 Gallery

  1. Jean Whitehead

    Thank you! The creativity lives, in our old home town. These are great. 💛

  2. Seth Goltzer

    That last painting was a disgrace and you shouldn’t have published it. Certainly not “Art”

  3. Nancy Gollinger

    Some things should stay at home where it belongs.
    Although not even around children.
    Why does everything have to be political.?

  4. Tom Prince

    Stop trying to censor people. The world is not a reflection of you and your beliefs. Move along. And don’t forget to vote.

  5. Dave Eason

    Dan, you know I love you. But is that last pic really necessary?

  6. Rosemary Milligan

    The last picture is a disgrace.

    • Tom Prince

      Who doesn’t love a little fascist finger-wagging for the weekend? Some would say that a racist murderer who rapes and steals with abandon is the disgrace, not a painting. But: perspective.

      • Dermot Meuchner

        Seems some folks get their knickers in a bunch over a four letter word but the destruction of this republic is not an issue. We are being led by grifters, theocrats and a misfit group of scavenger’s who could care less about the citizenry.

  7. Cindy Macior

    Is that last painting for sale?!

  8. Leslie Petersen

    LOVE the last painting!

  9. Tracy MacMath

    Love the last painting!!!

  10. Isabelle Breen

    On a different note. Although all of it was heartwarming, I was particularly taken with the first drawing, When We Had Hope. Captured such depth of emotions. Bravo.

  11. Norman Nash

    Wow, Dan, Your “undercover”, Political Statement “F*ck Trump” has surprised even me. I have been reading you column for years now and it has always been a class act. I didn’t expect that you, Dan Woog, would ever lower your integrity standards to consider posting this person’s artwork with a “F*ck Trump” banner as a piece of “quality” artwork, when comparing it at the same time to these other wonderful artists. IMHO, You have done a distasteful disservice to these other artists, & hit a new low! You owe these other artists an apology! On the other hand, we still have the 1st amendment of free speech and this is your column, so go for it!

    • Sorry — no apology to the other artists, Norman. I am sure as artists they appreciate that every artist expresses himself or herself in individual ways. You of course have that First Amendment right too to criticize. Thanks for adding that final line — much appreciated!

  12. Amy Kaplan

    Dan, Thank you for your steadfast defense of all of our First Amendment rights here. It’s unfortunate, and probably a symptom of our times, that differing opinions are judged as out of line rather than thoughtfully considered. In this case, the artist is making a commentary that goes beyond the vulgarity of the word used. I wish people would consider why that was the artists response to the current situation and what the piece is about in totality. You asked for art that is a response to our current situation: Steve’s painting is an honest and legitimate response that deserves to be seen with the other submissions. As to the “quality” of the art, much of that is in the eye of the beholder; however, Steve is a brilliantly talented painter who is recognized for his talent in Westport and far beyond. Our artists community is lucky to have him, and so is our larger community.