Trader Joe’s Reopens

After closing yesterday for cleaning and restocking — after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus — the popular supermarket is again welcoming customers.

With — as before — strict distancing and sanitary measures in place.

Trader Joe’s enforces the social distance rules — with its own, very recognizable font.

6 responses to “Trader Joe’s Reopens

  1. I think folks need to be reminded that it’s preferred that you shop alone. Don’t bring family member(s) in fairness to the staff and the shoppers. I saw at least three (young) couples yesterday shopping. You should make a list, go in, get what you need, pay for your stuff and leave. Alone. With stores limiting entrance to small numbers of shoppers, do you really need to bring another person with you?

  2. Nancy Cleveland


    • Arline Gertzoff

      Some stores are enforcing this I shop for someone else and just divide the cart and pay separately and they stay home

  3. I hope the employee has a quick and complete recovery.

  4. and there are probably still dozens infected with the virus in each grocery store every day…

  5. Bill Strittmatter

    Hmmm…Front Porch says Trader Joe’s is closed again today. Imagine that. Seven days after ill employee showed up to store.

    Hopefully just a random event rather than Trader Joe’s or the Health Department’s failure to do the obvious contact tracing and asking those employees to self quarantine as per CDC guidelines.

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